This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Spit Ups and Smiles

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spit Ups and Smiles

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Some days just kick your butt.

A sick 3 year old for two (going on three) days in a row and a newborn aren't the easiest combo, but we're handling it.  Some people wonder what they did in the days before television.  I wonder what they did in the days before Disney Jr., Nick Jr. and the dvd player.  Oh you 80's moms had it so rough.  Not to mention the shout out I should be giving to Dove chocolate.  I certainly don't have time for the long, luxurious breaks encouraged by those guys over at Kit Kat.  Nope, on days like this I only have a moment.  My moment.  My Dove.

It's honestly not that bad.  I hate to see my kids sick and whiny, but we're getting through it.  

Oh my gosh, another shout out... infant swings, miracle blankets and pacifiers, all of which are enabling me the pleasure of sitting at my computer and typing these words right now.  Oi.  The end of the day, husband is at the church and I'm still ping-ponging between my youngest two.  So it goes...

The good news is I am enjoying this little babe immensely.  Today as I tried to feed her she just started smiling at me, clearly not interested in food but wanting a little cooing session with her mama.      I happily and gratefully obliged.  Chocolate aside, it's really those moments that fill my cup.  (For those of you up to speed on my past with PPD and my current postpartum state, this really is no small thing.  I'm so grateful not only just to have these cup-filling moments, but to have the ability to actually enjoy these cup-filling moments.)  That's one thing I love that about babies--the pureness of their emotions, of their overall being really.  There is no smiling just to be polite, they only smile if they really want to.  There is not a shred of self-consciousness if they scream at an inappropriate time  in an inappropriate place.  Shoot, they'll poop all over you like it's their job.  Babies are completely without ego.  One of my favorite moments yet with baby girl was a few weeks ago when dropping Lamp off at preschool.  We had some time to kill while waiting in the parking lot, so I pulled baby out of her carseat to nurse her in the front seat with me.  You have to understand this was one of the first mornings I had all three girls by myself--getting them all ready, packed up and out the door in time for two school drop-off's.  Not only did I manage to do that successfully, but I was showered, make-up'd and dressed in a rather put-together outfit.  So there I am feeling proud of my put-togetherness and I sit the baby up for a second to get situated and she pukes all over me.  Not a lil' spit up, but a complete emptying-of-the-tummy puke.

And then she looks up at me and smiles her biggest, longest smile to date.  So proud of herself.  Or so it seemed.  And I just laughed.  It felt so good to laugh and soak up the moment and her innocent sweetness.  You'd never think that someone puking and pooping all over you would beget tender feelings of endearment... but I guess that's the magic of babies.

Oh babies.

Surely some of you have great spit-up and poops stories...feel free to share.  


  1. Here's a poop story for you. It was my older daughter's 3rd birthday, we had rented out Gymboree for her party. My husband was walking around with my two and a half week old baby when I suddenly noticed baby poop on his shirt. Ok, no, ya...we found dribbles of poop ALL over the gym and they had been all fussy about the kids washing their hands before coming in etc. and now the entire place had baby poop all over. Haha!

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    My daughter is 2 years old and I remember before my delivery and going to the hospital telling my husband that how I couldn't imagine changing dirty diapers..n now after 2 years of changing hundreds of diapers and cleaning many number of vomits in every possible place you can imagine, I realized I never complained a single time and even cheered sometimes when she goes after bad constipation ...oh motherhood.

  3. Anonymous10:21 AM

    "the pureness of their emotions, of their overall being really. There is no smiling just to be polite, they only smile if they really want to. There is not a shred of self-consciousness if they scream at an inappropriate time in an inappropriate place. "

    I love your writing..

  4. This is the poop story of all time! We live in Saudi Arabia which equals a very long time on airplanes. My friends were flying back to the states with their two children. It was a ten hour flight from London to Dallas. They had already flown from Saudi to London, that's a seven hour flight. Needless to say they were exhausted. My friends husband had their three year old sitting with him, my friend was sitting in the back of the plane with their newborn. She had told her husband not to fall asleep because their three year old has autism and needs constant watching. Ummmmm yea, her husband fell asleep and was woken up to the guy next to him frantically tapping his arm. His son was digging in his diaper and wiping poo all over the tray table, iPad, himself, the guy next to him, the seat and his dad! Yikes! He snatched him up and made his way to the bathroom, talk about the Red Sea parting! Before he could get in the bathroom his son reached around and grabbed another handful. Have you ever tried to change a diaper on a plane? He was in the bathroom for an hour. He was afraid to tell his wife so she knew nothing the entire time. Best story ever!

  5. Our first family road trip, with our son who was 3 months old. We drove up the California coast on our way to Sonoma, and everything was so beautiful and perfect. As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge, I caught a whiff of a dirty diaper, and climbed in the back seat to check. I lifted a corner of my son's diaper, and poop truly and honestly started shooting out of it, all over me, and the car, and everything. I was shouting and my husband was swerving all over the bridge, and it was a scene. It's still one of my favorite memories :)

    ps: Baby Girl is a beauty. She is looking like a pretty even mix of both your girls, which is awesome.

  6. During my older daughter's baby blessing, my husband felt a little rumble on his hand ehile he was praying. No big deal he thinks. Afterward he passes the baby to my mother. As he removes his hand, the dam busts loose and everything gushes out onto my mother, while we are sitting on the front row of the chapel. Mom's jacket and baby's silk blessing dress are both ruined.

  7. When I was 18 years old, I worked for a year as a nanny. One day the two year old boy, Jerry, was sick with the flu. When he started to perk up at one point, I decided it was my chance to run a quick errand to the bank. As I stood in line holding Jerry and awaiting my turn at the counter, he suddenly looked directly into my eyes, and then vomited all over me. I had puke in my hair, all over my shirt, and dripping off the both of us onto the floor. Completely aghast, I asked a bank employee if I could use their bathroom to clean up,only to have my request refused! They said it was a 'security risk' to allow me behind the counter, and that I had to go somewhere else. I told the lady that unless she wanted me to start slinging puke off of my chest and on to the floor, she had better let me in to their bathroom. She finally agreed, but acted like I was there to rob the bank or something. Definitely one of my most memorable encounters with a puking child, and it wasn't even one of my own!

  8. Gotta love a good poo or vomit! My son had severe reflux and aspiration problems so we had to thicken all of his formula to pudding texture. Thanks to the thickner he had 5 or 6 full poopy blowouts everyday! There was NOTHING you could do to keep that poo in there. It came out of all availble diaper holes! There so many days I got pooed on but it was not a big deal so we just continued on our merry way! I also remember a day my son had vomited right down my shirt.....3 times, and I was so tired I just went to bed anyway. Oh the beauty of motherhood! lol Your girls are all so beautiful!