This Little Miggy Stayed Home: RSV and Spotlightees

Thursday, February 27, 2014

RSV and Spotlightees

   Found these sweet pics from a couple weeks ago on my iPhone.  That's some serious sister love.  

Yo, we gots some RSV up in here.

To be clear the baby has RSV, no one else.  Well, I'm pretty sure that must have been what Lamp had last week.  Oh my.  I don't mean to sound so cavalier, because I know RSV can be a big deal and truthfully I've never had a baby so young get sick.  However, she's doing pretty well so far--mainly a nasty cough--and we're watching her closely.  Besides that she's still been a sweet little angle, smiling, cooing... the works.  I'm telling you guys, she is a dream.  

While I was off to a good start with the spotlight last week, I've had one sickie right after the other and thus other priorities to attend to this week.  That being said I am still plenty excited about getting the spotlight back up and running and I have some great families in the queue.

But I always need more, so I'd like to once again ask for spotlight participants.  I have been so inspired and educated doing these spotlights--as I know others have as well.  This is really my favorite part of the blog.  So please, if you or someone you know would like to participate in the Special Needs Spotlight please email me at thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com.  If you have a friend who you think might be interested please have them email me directly.

In the meantime did you see this commercial from P&G for the Paralympics?  Makes me proud to know our family is part of that community.  I loved the one they did for the summer Paralympics as well.

Hope you have a great (and healthy) weekend!

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