This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Christmas Gift Picks for the Kiddos

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Christmas Gift Picks for the Kiddos

I've been on top of my Christmas shopping this year with the baby coming and all.  So I thought I'd share some of my favorite kid picks.  Of course most of these are girl oriented, but I think a few things go both ways.  I have to admit this is one of those Christmases that I might be just as excited about the toys as the girls are... I seriously want to play with that tent soooo bad.  

1.  Baby Stella--I was first introduced to Baby Stella by a friend who's little girl loves this doll.  What I really love about baby Stella is that her binkie and bottles attach to her mouth via magnet.  This makes it super easy for little ones--especially Lamp--to feed and take care of baby.  Stella has several accessory sets you can buy as well.  I thought this would be a great gift for Lamp as she loves babies (real and pretend) and can have her own baby to take care of along side mommy this Christmas.   You can also find Baby Stella and additional accessories on amazon and cheaper, sometimes not.

2. Maileg Circus Tent--My mom was the first to introduce us to the Danish toy company Maileg with these adorable Mice in a box.  This little circus tent is pretty much my favorite thing ever.  It's on the spendy side, but definitely one of the toys that is for everyone (group gift!  anyone else do this with your kiddos?) and if taken care of, you'll have forever and ever.   And if you can talk grandma into getting it, even better!  You can also buy accompanying circus mice and other animals to go with it.  Unfortunately the store that had this at a cheaper price is sold out, but I've seen a few on ebay for a little less as well.  

3.  Nail Art Pen--Not only are these nail art pens, but they also have accompanying jewel accents.  Oh la-la.  Perfect for my girly-girls.  These were cheaper during black Friday sales when they were 30% off.... perhaps they'll be on sale again before Christmas?  

4.  Leonardo the Terrible Monster--A lesser known but super adorable children's book from everybody's favorite Mo Willems.

5.  Manhattan Toy Company Wooden Toy Rattle--While we have plenty of baby toys around here, I couldn't leave her completely out of the Christmas festivities.  I'm a sucker for wooden toys and apparently this is a good one.  I found it the least expensive on amazon.  However, I'm also seeing that the manhattan toy company skwish rattle might be an even bigger hit.   

6.  Heart Locket--My big girl really wants a heart locket this year and I was surprised to find one of the more inexpensive, yet still quality versions at J.crew.  (Again, this was cheaper with an additional 30% off).  PSP of course wants a heart, but I sorta preferred this hexagon version.

7.  Skull T--Cute and edgy...just like two little sass-a-frasses I know.

While I haven't stuck to it perfectly, I'm a big fan of the something you like, something you need, something to play with and something to read adage when it comes to Christmas.  Any must have Christmas items for the kiddos you'd like to share?    


  1. We have that wooden bead toy from Pottery Barn Kids and everyone from babies to adults love it. When we have it at church whomever is sitting by us has to have a turn. After 2 years of consistent sucking and playing it is still in perfect condition, too! This year we're getting play food for our kitchen because it has been the most used toy in our house every single day. I'm hoping the Melissa & Doug slicing sets will be a win.

  2. I love your suggestions! Santa brings one gift at my house, but we do another gift exchange as well as stockings for King's day so I can treat myself and buy Petit Bateau pajamas (sale) and Pettson and Picpus books (worth the full price). My 4 years old wanted a stuffed polar bear - I didn't think it was a good idea since we have so many stuffed animals, but I completely fell for the new Maileg soft bear. Their Facebook page has a few picture.