This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Weekend Recap

Monday, November 04, 2013

Weekend Recap

It didn't seem like we did a lot this weekend, but when we looked back we realized we actually did some stuff.  Huh.  First Halloween (technically not the weekend)--There were 2 class parades, trick or treating with friends and candycandycandy!  

This little elephant didn't care much for the preschool parade. 

We arrived at big sisters parade a little early...but her teacher let Lamp sit with her sister during reading time.  I love those sweet sister moments. 

Our neighborhood isn't the best for trick or treating, so we met up with some of our best friends and their neighborhood was the perfect trick or treating backdrop.  Halloween is one of those holidays where the setting and the company can really elevate the overall experience...this was definitely one of our better trick or treating ventures yet.  Perfect weather, a good neighborhood and great friends.  And as its looking more and more that we won't be here next year, these pictures are already making me a little sad and nostalgic.  We've made some great friends here.  Sigh, so it goes...  

How many neighborhoods have someone making cotton candy in their driveway on Halloween night right next door to the guy with a popcorn machine in the driveway?  Not many.

Saturday was spent with some time at Sea World (don't judge... we haven't seen Blackfish yet but we plan to.) and a date night for the Mr. and I.  Sunday started with church and ended with a maternity photo shoot that I'm excited to share with you soon and the husband doing a little screen printing in the kitchen.  NBD.  After all we are project people.   It's been a while since B pulled out the ol' silk screen kit, but he's doing a project with the young men from our church and wanted to do a test run of  his skills first....

He made some shirts for the girls.  When he asked himself what they'd want on their shirt he immediaely thought, a picture of mom.  It's pretty cute and while I don't know what I've done to deserve their adoration I have to agree... they love their mama.  Lucky me.  Besides, I'm assuming this mama-on-a-shirt phase will be rather short lived so I'll enjoy it now.  

See?  We totally did some stuff.  


  1. Well the grumpy little elephant is too cute! And Mom's rockin' the baby bump!!

  2. Such a fun night! I agree, good company made Halloween way more fun :) I can't even think about you guys leaving, makes me too sad!

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