This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Ombre Feather Stamp Onesie

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ombre Feather Stamp Onesie

To this day the post that I still receive the most hits on is my feather stamped gauze swaddle blanket tutorial.  Go figure.  A project I tackled on the fly but that turned out pretty well.  While Lamp never took to the blanket, it's still a favorite of mine and will definitely be in rotation with the new babe.  

And it turns out I still love the feather look.  So much so, that I decided to make another feather stamp, but instead of using a potato I made it out of actual stamping supplies so I could keep it around and use it over and over.  There are a million different stamp making tutorials out there and it's so easy.  You can buy the printing blocks and lino cutters (tools often used for making linoleum prints) at your local craft supply.  It's just a matter of drawing your image on the printing block and then carefully cutting it out.  Once I make the stamp and cut it out I just hot glue it to a scrap piece of wood for stability.  

This time I decided I wanted to try an ombre feather on a onesie.  So I gathered three shades of pink and a onesie with a piece of cardboard between the front and back.  

Then I brushed the paint on with a foam brush and tried to blend the colors a little so they weren't too stripe-y looking.  It helps to do a tester stamp on paper first... I realized I needed to use more of the lightest pink so it would show up.  

Press down hard, rock gently back and forth

And there you have it.

I also did it in gold.  Note how different paint lays on differently... it's good to experiment with different paint on scrap fabric you have around.  
 I also used the little cross stamp and made another swaddle blanket--mostly gold crosses with a few hot pink ones sprinkled in.  Not as cute as the feather blankie, but still cute. 

You can also use these stamps on paper for notes, wrapping paper and more.  I loving having these around for little projects here and there.  Like it or not, I promise this isn't the last of the feather stamping you'll see from me.  


  1. Loved your comment on Enjoying the Small things blog, it was exactly my thoughts as well.

    1. Thank you for saying that Marie Clare. I was really on the fence about posting that thought (I have already sent a message to the infantino FB page) but to me it just seems too big an 'oversight' not to say it...and I guess I want Infantino to see the message any way they can.

  2. I'm diggin the gold feather. We need to get our craft on together sometime!