Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Decor: Creepy Family Portraits

Last year I used the Halloween photo editing tools over at Pic Monkey to transform some of my favorite photos from our summer family photo shoot into some creepy family pictures.  I love how these beautiful portraits among gorgeous oaks on a sunny day take on such a sinister and creepy background when tweaked just a little.  

Well I finally printed these off and hung them in the place of our normal Warhol-esque family pictures hanging above the dining table.  I don't know why I didn't do this earlier!  I think this is my new favorite Halloween decor.  People don't notice right away, but when they do they gasp a little bit before busting out laughing.  Of course little kids are like, Whaaaa? 

Pic Monkey has quite a few different Halloween themes--vampire, witches, zombies, day of the dead--to accomplish a range of spooky results.  Of course if you don't want something truly sinister, they have more cutesy options as well.  I just printed these out on our home computer on regular computer paper--so fun to make and pretty much free.  If you like to mess around with photo editing and you like Halloween you need to give it a try.  While there are certain tools on Pic Monkey that you have to pay for (I think $35 for the whole year--worth it!) I believe these Halloween tools are free.  Check it out.  

Lets just hope my kids don't have nightmares seeing their mother look like this.  

I love the idea one of my instagram followers had of putting this picture up in a guest bedroom--ha!  Also, a hilarious alternative to traditional Christmas photos?  The possibilities are endless...


  1. Love it! Nightmare before Christmas :)

  2. Nice! Love your style.

  3. Okay this is just funny! I love it. You are truly ghastly looking!

  4. Hey, pretty (spooky) lady. Loving the new blog design. Keep it up. I think you are the only blog I follow these days. Keep up the great writing!

  5. Wow! These are indeed creepy family photos. I love your ideas. These are absolutely perfect for Halloween. So spooky love it!