Sunday, July 28, 2013


Last summer we had a 3 week vacation that started in California and ended with B and I taking a week long excursion to the Cook Islands.  Amazing, exotic, beachy, and unforgettable.  This past spring I had the opportunity to spend a week in Italy with a couple girlfriends.  Again, amazing and unforgettable.  Compared with these exciting locals Nebraska seems like a huge step down, and in terms of glamour and excitement it is.  But there is a richness that comes with nostalgia and childhood memories that is hard to compete with.  The actual location is not that important, if it is a place that you are attached to with love and fondness that's all that really matters.  Nebraska is my Velveteen Rabbit--it doesn't matter if it is tattered and worn, it's the love that makes it real.  To me, Nebraska is real.

The week was actually quite eventful starting with plumbing problems--an overflowing kitchen sink, washing machine and dishwasher.  All at the same time!  There was also a bout with food poisoning for my brother and an unrelated trip to the ER and an overnight stay in the hospital for another family member.  Come Friday B quipped that we had a week of Mondays.  But as my uncle pointed out, we were together.  Cousins played like they just saw each other yesterday instead of last year and boring chores turned into fun family projects.  Sure, the outings were simple, but we managed to etch some family memories deep in our bones that are meaningful in their simplicity.  

(warning:  lots of unedited photos ahead.)

Walking around town, showing my girls the streets where I grew up was priceless.  Some things to note:  old cars are everywhere, as are large vegetable garden's and RV's.  These things aren't new, it's always been like that here.  Hip without even knowing or caring about being hip is something I find refreshingly genuine.    

Nebraska is well known for their cabbage burgers or Runza's as they're often called.  My favorites were always the ones from the Gering Bakery, but sadly, they weren't as good as I remembered.  The good news is I made homemade ones a while ago via The Jet Set's recipe and they were delicious!

When my grandma asked B if he could trim her hedges out back it turned into a family project.  Which resulted in homegrown spontaneous family bonding.

Which then led to putting children on the roof of the house....

Which then led to a trip to the local Dairy King for ice cream.  Yay!  (Which apparently led to one day of my brother being in his hotel room with food poisoning.  Boo!)  


You can't go to Gering/Scottsbluff Nebraska without hiking the Scottsbluff monument--the site of the Oregon trail where the pioneers crossed the plains.  Utah, you're not the only place that celebrates the Pioneers, a'ight?   Easily this was probably our girls favorite activities.  There are trails up along the bluffs and Lamp was able to use her powerchair to explore the monument by herself.  I loved watching her power-wheeling self show those bluffs who's boss.

There are more pictures, but I'm going to call it good.  
We had a great time and I'm grateful we went.  

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.  

 ps--one of the other hightlights of the trip was finally finishing Les Miserable!  I did it!
After finishing the book I'm still surprised that anyone has a connection to the play if they haven't read the book--seriously we watched the movie finally and all I could think was, no wonder I was so lost.  Anyone relate?  

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  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Oh my! I haven't seen the Scottsbluff area since we moved from there when I was in 4th grade. The pictures made me tear up! I instantly felt the pulls of home. I love the gridded set up of the neighborhoods and the long straight sidewalks and streets that are so perfect for a walk or bike ride.

    So funny--I've been in San Antonio since 1994. It feels like home because my home and family are here, even my parents who retired early and move here, but your pictures brought everything back.

    I get it.