This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Happy Birthday

Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Birthday

 Someone turned 3 this past weekend and she was SO excited about it.  I'll do a party re-cap later, but today here are a few words for my big birthday girl.

Dearest Lamp,

Happiest of happy birthdays!  You are getting bigger and bigger everyday, yet remain petit and just right for snuggling and holding--two things we do on a daily basis and two things I'll continue to do for as long as you'll let me.

I'm not sure I could ever find the words to express how much joy and love you have brought into our lives.  You are the smiliest, most joyful, and radiant little girl I know.  You have a way of drawing people to you like a bee to honey.  The day you were born the nurses told me how sweet you were and how they fought over who got to hold and wash you.  I smiled because I knew they weren't just saying that.  The peacefulness you brought with your departure from heaven into our arms was tangible.   I knew you were ours and were always meant to be the moment I held you.  To this day, I continue to watch as complete strangers approach you wanting to talk with you and interact with you, sometimes asking to hold you, and just marveling at your engaging personality and overall Lampiness.  You bring smiles to people's faces everywhere we go.

While you are joyful, happy and silly I think two of your most admirable, God-given traits are patience and determination.  I have watched in awe at the patience you have with yourself and others.  You will continue to work at a solving a problem for as long as it takes and if you can't do it on your own you simply ask for help.  You are slow to reach frustration, but quick to smile and forgive.  Your dad and I have often said that it's hard to have a bad day with you around.  Almost every day, usually multiple times a day you say, "You're perfect mom." or  "You're the best mama ever in the whole world."  Or simply, "Mom?"  "Yeah?"  "I love you."  Don't worry, I'm not under any delusions of actually being a perfect mom, but you have helped me feel good about my efforts many times and I'm thankful for that.  I also don't think I've ever seen a more grateful little girl.  One day a few months ago, I was getting you a snack and out of the blue you said, "Mom, thanks for getting me all my meals.  Thanks."  I am continually stunned by your sweet nature.

But one of my all-time favorite conversations with you happened about a week ago when you woke up in the middle of the night asking for a drink.  After I gave you a sip of water you said,
"Guess who's a super hero?"

Once again baby girl, I think you're right.
Happy Birthday Super Girl.  We love you.



  1. So glad I don't have my make up on yet. Total tear jerker! Such great words. I can see some of those sweet traits in her photos. Can't wait for the birthday recap. Hope it was a great day.

    1. Happy Birthday, sweet little Lamp! :)

  2. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Happy birthday!

  3. What wonderful, genuine observations! She will feel so loved if she reads this when she's older.

  4. happy birthday lamp. we need more lamps in the world.

  5. She is just adorable. I have always thought she was so special. Her thoughts and worded are amazing. You are blessed.

  6. Christine8:20 PM

    Happy birthday Lamp!!! She is such a sweet doll! I can't believe she is 3 and I have been reading this blog that long!

  7. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl !

  8. Happy birthday sweet girl! We miss you guys so much!

  9. i love this. especially the super hero part. happy birthday, lamp!

    also, congrats on the baby - so, so exciting. :)

  10. Jennifer7:31 PM

    I cried reading this - it was so sweet. I love Lamp's heart. I also can't believe she's 3 and I've been reading your blog for that amount of time. It seems like just yesterday I started reading it. Happy Birthday to Lamp! I really enjoy your blog and what you share about your lives. I think you're an incredible example as a family. I especially love the spotlights you do on Fridays. Great idea!

  11. This is so beautiful. It truly brought tears to my eyes...i am so grateful for you sharing your journey with your wonderful LAMP!! Here's to many many more years of her Lampiness!!