Friday, June 14, 2013

Miss Iowa

Hey ya'll.  Spotlights will be back next the meantime many of you sent me this emails telling me about Nicole Kelly, the newly crowned Miss Iowa.  She has a limb difference!  Regardless of your opinion of beauty pageants, I think it's great to see a woman with a prominent disability in the world of beauty pageants where the emphasis is often physical appearance, win this title.  A part of me really sees it as no big deal--she's as qualified as any other woman up there.  But I also know that there was a day and age that she probably wouldn't have even been considered based on such a little thing as a missing arm.  Additionally, I really like that she's all about disability awareness and is bringing that awareness front and center.  I particularly like what she had to say in this video here.  

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  

1 comment:

  1. Awesome! I didn't even notice that her arm was shorter until I read your post and then when I took another look, I was like, "Oh yea. She does have a limb difference." You can definitely tell that her personality stands out more just by the picture.
    Go Miss Iowa!