This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Lately

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends

Life has felt a little lazy lately.  Meals on the fly, projects taking their sweet time, the house a little more cluttered and many evenings just spent puttering about doing not much at all.  That being said, we have been having some great friend get togethers and feel as though we've sort of found our tribe (I kinda hate that phrase, but whatever) which has left us feeling a difference sense of fulfillment.  It's been great actually.  A lazy yet friend-filled life is probably why there's been a little less blogging.  That being said, a huge thank you to all of you who wrote me for new spotlights.  Thank you.  Please, keep them coming.

Turns out artichokes grow like this...thanks botanical gardens.

An evening at the botanical gardens--first strolling around and watching a viewing of Roman Holiday.  I love this moving and it has been a long time since I last saw it.  It was even more wonderful after having just returned from Rome.  Viva Roma!  If you live in San Antonio, there is another show this Friday night--the Jimmy Stewart classic Harvey.  Info here.    

Just doing a little standing while watching Doc.  Doc McStuffins that is.  She only stood for a few minutes, but it was cute.  Obvs.

 Sneak peak of the quilt progress.  Slowly, but surely...

Lastly, Sunday morning I wake up to my husband, the incredible B, teaching PSP how to sew.  She already made her first project-- a little monster like plush toy aptly named Chicky-Star (there are little birds on the front side fabric and stars on the back side).  I love this.  And I sorta hate it.  I feel like I should be teaching her to sew.  But when she came to me I had a bazillion reasons why I couldn't do it right then.  In my mind teaching her to sew meant hours of research about safety, easy first projects, what to teach first (hand sewing vs. machine), etc, etc.  So on a Sunday morning when I was sleeping in PSP asked her dad to show her and he just jumped in.  He looked up some patterns and they went for it.  I realize that having just stated that not only did my husband let me sleep in on Sunday morning, but also taught our 6 year old how to sew during that time makes him a demi-god.  I do contribute to this marriage, I promise.  Anyway, more often than not I need order and organization to move forward with something.  Not just a plan, but an a conducive environment in which to execute this plan.  I'm learning more and more the need just to jump in and let go, especially when it's a seize-the-moment opportunity.  Most opportunities, especially in parenting, come at inconvenient times.  And like so much in life, if I wait until I feel ready, I'll never be ready.   Not that it's all bad being the way I am... we balance each other out B and I.  But still a lesson learned.

So thats us lately.    


  1. Sounds like things are going great! It was nice to see you the other day. How AWESOME that B taught PSP to sew on a Sunday morning on the fly. I can relate to what you said about planning. I worried for months about picking the right time and way to take away Seth's pacifier and then one random day Stephen took charge and just did it. And it worked! So yes- definitely something to learn from husband's about jumping in without plans.

  2. Such a great picture of Lamp just standing there, hangin' out watching TV! Your husband is a rockstar. That's how my husband is about getting the fam out of the house for an outdoor adventure. I agonize over making sure I have everything packed up and ready and sometimes we never quite make it out the door because my packing and planning took too long. He just loads kids up, throws a canoe on the car and goes!

  3. Thoroughly impressed by your husband!