Friday, May 03, 2013

Call for Spotlights

Hey guys!  So here's the deal, I need some people to spotlight!  If you or anyone you know would like to be featured in the spotlight series please email me or have them email me directly.  Please don't send me an email telling me to contact your friend... it's a lot more work and it rarely results in a spotlight.  But please do have your friend email me with their incredible stories!  And as you may have noticed, we've had some great spotlights that are a little different from our typical ones.  I've interviewed a sister who was raised with 3 special needs brothers, a family whose daughter passed away due to her illness and a woman who has special needs herself.  So please don't think this is limited only to parents of special needs children, although that is certainly wonderful as well!    

Thank for all your support.  I love this little blog, I love doing these spotlights and I really love my readers.  It's so wonderful to feel your love and support for my little family, but for the other wonderful families who share their stories on here as well.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this blog what it is.  


Now I'd like to share a really cool video that features the merging of special needs and technology.   I know a lot of buzz has been going around regarding 3-d printing... I think this is perhaps the coolest example of what 3-d printing is capable of doing.  And it's amazing to see just how much technology can do for specific special needs, in this case it really seems like a perfect fit.  Check it out.  

 To read more about the WREX and 3-d printing go here.

Have a fantastic weekend.  


  1. I look forward to reading these spotlights each week. Thank you for writing these and highlighting these wonderful people and their beautiful and inspiring stories!

    I had the opportunity to be part of a science competition that asked middle and high school kids to design a prosthetic arm. In years past the competition has been to design windmills and other science technology that is certainly valuable and helps society, but doesn't touch individual lives the way this one did. I am so moved by the impact this work had on our kids. I have referred many of these students to your blog so they can read these stories.

    thank you!!!

  2. Miggy, here is a link to an article in our local newspaper, Coloradoan, about 3-d printing done by engineers at Colorado State University.
    Sounds like they are looking to produce people's ideas.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    WOW! WAY COOL!!!