This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Venice

Monday, April 29, 2013


Venice was beautiful, vibrant, and mysterious.  Venice was the city we flew into and therefore the first city in Italy--Europe!--I saw.  I did OK for a few hours, then serious jet lag set in.  Luckily we also spent our last day there.  The weather was over 60% chance of rain, but somehow we didn't get a drop!  I'm telling you, the weather gods were with us.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  While everyone knows that Venice is a city of waterways and boats, I didn't realize there are no cars in Venice at all.  They're not allowed!  (Nor would there be any place for them to go).   For some reason I loved that.  

My first day there was mainly touring around San Marco's square with my friend and our lovely host Ashley.  My last day was spent with Caroline and we took a gondola ride, which is so touristy, but so worth it.  (Our gondolier was named Claudio.  He was born and raised in Venice and is a 3rd generation gondolier!)  We also took boats out to some outlining islands--Murano and Burano.  Murano is where they specialize in glass making and Burano is the island of lace.  I think Burano was one of our favorite little island--so colorful and so quaint.  Our last night in Venice was also my favorite meal.  Unfortunately we had to rush to catch a train.  We found ourselves running through the winding streets and allyways of Venice, with people pointing us in the right direction along the way...but still that place is a maze and I can't believe we ever found our way out!   My overall feeling about Venice was that I'd love to rent a villa and live there for a summer.  I'd love to explore the streets and canals, get to know our favorite joints and enjoy a laid back type of living




Venice, I will see you again.


  1. I love your photography Miggy! The framing is great! Venice looks amazing! The scarf in your hair looks lovely, how did you fix it so it would stay in?--Mel

    1. Thanks VDG! I don't know how the scarf stayed in...just tied it tight I guess. :)

  2. I don't know anything about Venice except that we just read The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke. It's set in Venice.
    But Miggy, you live in San Antonio now. You know the River Walk. Here's my question: how does everyone's every.single.toddler NOT drown in Venice? I went crazy keeping my kids away from the river on the River Walk. If my front DOOR opened onto water as in Venice, HUH??? Where's mah baybee? I just can't comprehend!
    We moved from San Antonio to Oahu and my boys still wear life vests every time we go to the beach, so it may be ME who has a problem. But still? Water instead of a front lawn or sidewalk???? Can you explain?

    1. Tracie--I don't know! Trust me, the thought crossed my mind as well. I should have asked Claudio. I will say there are inner courtyards, not every door opens up to water...but still. I get it. That would be my main worry too.