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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Club House

I always thought I'd be a fun mom.  And I am.  I like spontaneous dance parties, sneaking treats, playing in the mud (sometimes), art projects and the occasional science experiment.  The thing is, I've never felt it my duty to entertain my children, especially not for long periods of time.  So sometimes I'm just not on the look out for fun.  Good thing dad is. I've learned that fun-time Mom will never be equal to fun-time Dad.  And I'm OK with it.  On a family outing a few weeks ago I turned around to find my husband dumpster diving for a giant cardboard box and I gave him that, do we really have to do this now? look.  

When we got home it was obvious that Yes, we had to do that now. 

This thing is all kinds of cute.   Eny one els want to joyn!!!!?  Sine here.  Flowers and grass.  A picture PSP drew of the two of them above the door.  Stickers and windows, one cut out in the shape of a heart of course.  And no discrimination here--it's open to Grils or....boys.

In this digital world where cartoons are on tap 24/7, iphones can play whatever song you want at a moments notice and even my 2 year old bee-lines it to the computer to play games I'm relieved to see that cardboard boxes still have such sway over little ones imaginations.  I swear when I was a kid and made something like this I would think to myself, I could really live in here....I really could.  And I believed it.  I miss that simple child-like belief in things equal parts cute and ridiculous.


Nothing too fancy today.  
Just a slice of classic childhood whimsy.  

Let's get one thing straight.  I'm not a great photographer.  I know you know that, I just wanted you to know I know that.  Not even great on a mommy blogger scale.  But I'm OK and I've gotten better.  So when the girls were playing in their charming cardboard club house and I looked over and saw the golden hour streaming in through the windows I was suddenly parkouring it over to the camera to get a decent shot or two.  That round-off-back-hand-spring paid off.  It's all about the light.  

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  1. So many details about this made me smile... (Eny one els want to joyn!!!!? Sine here) Adorable, nostalgic, and magical. :)