This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Cinque Terre

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre.

As you may recall I was super excited for CT.  It didn't disappoint.  It was lovely, beautiful, peaceful and so perfectly Italian.  It was a postcard from every angle.  While technically I spent the first day in Venice, Cinque Terra was really the first leg of our trip.  It took about 5+ hours of travel time to get there.  We didn't arrive until Monday evening and it was rainy.  It had been rainy all day and was pouring by the time we went out in search of a restaurant.  But when my friend said, Oh well.  I'd rather be wet in Italy than dry in the States, I had to agree.  We were in Italy!  And the weather gods were smiling down on us because it was beautiful weather for the rest of the trip.  

We stayed in a quaint little room in Vernazza, then hiked to Corniglia the next day.  The hike was so beautiful, more of a walk really with lots of stairs.  The views, the company and the conversation.  What is it about walking and talking that bonds so well and brings about such great conversation?  We also took a trains to Manarola and Riomaggiore as well.  We were really only there a day and a half and I would have loved to explore some more--hike to all the towns, take in the views, walk the streets (not like that), get lost.  I was struck with how quiet it was.  The slow pace life seems to be lived there.



I must admit, that a serious case of homesickness mixed with jetlag kept me from fully enjoying my time in Cinque Terre.  Even with the wise words of one my readers (and others) urging me to enjoy this gift and that the girls would be just fine, I had a hard time letting go.  But as crazy as it sounds, I'm actually glad I felt that way.  Growing up I didn't really feel a strong bond with my own family--there wasn't a strong sense of belonging and therefore not a strong sense of missing.  And as much as I love being a mom myself it seems there's often a nagging desire to have a day off, some alone time or even (gasp!) to be wisked away on an Italian vacation!  And so when this wonderful dream came true, the fact that my heart still hurt over missing my family confirmed that while breaks and vacations are lovely (and amazing and fills me with gratitude!)--they're not essential.  At least not in the way my family is essential.  I've always known it, but sometimes my heart needs to feel it.  Don't get me wrong,  I still loved it and I still was in awe...but when you have a tiny pang in your stomach all day long from missing the ones you love most, it's distracting.  The husband, knowing this might be the case, helped greatly by sending my nightly emails recapping the day complete with pictures and messages from the girls.  It really, really helped.  Oh that guy...

Fortunately, by the time we got to Rome my senses were overloaded with all kinds of amazing, my nerves were calmed and I didn't have time for homesickness.

Viva Roma!  


  1. What a dream!! I felt that same homesickness when I went on a cruise with Josh in December. I think it is a sign that your everyday life is actually a really good life :) --even though you just want to sit alone in your car for just five minutes every once in a while!

  2. Oh my my my. Those are some amazing pictures :) I bet you won't believe me, but I once went skinny dipping in Cinque Terre... Yup. I did.

  3. The place are breath takingly awesome. It is indeed like a postcard in every pic you got.