Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments about the Special Needs Spotlight.  I really do love it, but even more I love that you love it.  It was just good for me to hear some very real and wonderful experiences that people have had with the spotlight, but then to also hear how much it means to all of you?  Well that was the magic shell to my ice cream sunday, so thank you.  AND I got an email from Eliesse, who was able to get in touch with Mim.  I love it when the internet is used for good.  Thank you internet!

It's spring break this week which means I'll be trying to create a little magic for my girls while we have big sister with us.  In other words blogging will be sporadic.  I am however, super excited to share another little nook of our bedroom that is coming together, so stay tuned.

Here's what we did this past weekend captured via terrible iphone pics.  

Proudly showing off my high pony!  My new mantra:  I'm never chopping my hair off again....I'm never chopping my hair off again..   

Lamp helping dad make cookies.  Bad picture.  Great teaspoon holder.

 And of course wonder-dad spent the majority of his Saturday in a kite building session with these two.

They were so excited to decorate and fly their own kites!

The only problem... they didn't fly.  Like at all.  They crashed.

Ah, such is life.
I still say it was time well spent.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  



  1. your husband is so crafty!
    Luff the high pony.

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    the art of kite making is very delicate bussiness

  3. Y'all are soooo good at finding time to do THE most fun activities with your girls! What an awesome family all around:-)

  4. those kites make me so happy.

  5. Miggy...I love your ponytail!! Looking great, girlie! I just have to say...I truly love this blog of yours. I just spent some time catching up...and I have laughed and cried...I am so delighted that your Special Needs Spotlight brought a diagnosis for sweet little Harper. You are doing great work, Miggs...great work, indeed. (Love how I called you Miggs we are besties :) )'s great to catch up with you. I joined Facebook...and I kind of regret it, I think...and I have gotten behind on reading my favorite blogs.

  6. When I was teacher in new york, we did a unit on a book where the main character builds kites. So, our theme was about how we could overcome personal trials and soar (like the kites). And we had all the kids (like 120 middle schoolers) spend a week making kites. We even talked to the math teachers about what the right dimensions were for a kite. And then we took all the students and their kites to central park. And none of the kites flew! It was terrible, but pretty hilarious in retrospect.