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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Favorite Book

Yesterday, when I was picking PSP up for school her teacher pulled me aside and told me that PSP had made a really great book about her sister that day.  However, she wanted her to read it to the class and they didn't have time that day, so she would send it home the next day.  When I went to pick her up today she was holding this tiny but precious book in her hand.  She read it to me right then and there and I got tears in my eyes.  It is quite possibly the sweetest thing she has ever made.   
I present to you, in its entirety, My Sister.  

My sister likes to scoot.  

My sister likes to play with me. 

My sister is cute.   

I love my sister.   

My sister smiles.   

My sister likes to color.  

I adore this book.  The illustrations are simple, yet filled with amazing little details.  Like the little lines to show movement of Lamp scooting in the first picture, along with her short arm rounded at the end and her hand on the other arm.  In the second picture Lamp is doing an Easter egg hunt that PSP set up for her--something they've been doing quite a bit lately.  A bow in Lamps hair to show just how 'cyoot' she is and of course the hearts above their heads showing love.  Finally Lamp holding the crayon in her foot in the last picture and drawing an 'A.'  PSP taught her to write her very first letter--the letter A--just a couple weeks ago.  I'm either going to laminate the book, or scan the photos and make a shutterfly style album out of it.  Either way, this book is a family treasure.

The love between these two sisters remains one of my favorite parts of parenthood.


  1. pallavi11:58 PM

    this post made me cry...sweetest sisters ever and PSP is so smart...those lines in the first pic to show movement is too smart.

  2. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us. You have two very special girls Mama Miggy.

    1. Absolutely precious!! What a sweet treasure to see the love she has for her little sister through her words and illustrations. :) It brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Beautiful. A perfect portrait of Lamp :)
    Lamp and PSP are lucky to have each other.

  4. really beautiful. it's such a special thing, the relationship between sisters! You are obviously doing a GREAT job nurturing it.

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Both of your daughters are just amazing, PSP has a heart that is so beautiful and Lamps love of life is so amazing I love your telling us about them. Thank you.

  6. This book is made of the stuff that would melt the toughest hearts!It is a family treasure indeed.

  7. That is a treasure... their relationship is really beautiful.

  8. PSP truly loves her sister. I subbed in Primary a few months ago and we talked about what Christ did for us. I asked the kids to think of someone they love so much they would give up their life for them. PSP said Lamp was that person :] She taught me a lesson that day!

  9. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Oh my gosh, love this! I have the cyootest nieces! Emi has to meet them!


  10. I think it would make a beautiful children's book, especially for families/siblings with limb differences... Sweet, sweet girls. What a treasure.

  11. Oh my! That is the cutest thing ever! I love those girls.

  12. Be still my heart. That was lovely! PSP spells and writes so well. I love her phonetic writing. She is a smart little lady. :)