Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unicorn Party

It's over.  Thank goodness it's over.  
Last week ended up being quite a doozy with an out-of-town husband, a bout of insomnia and a fender-bender to round off the already week-before-the-party craziness.  But we made it and of course it was worth it.  It's always worth it.  Even simple kid parties require a lot of planning, time, effort and yes more money than you think.  But when the final result is a smiling birthday girl who says thank you for a fun party, you know you did something right.  Here are some pics and details from the fun day.


The location was at this beautiful San Antonio library branch--a local favorite!  The building and grounds are beautiful and historic, and there is a lovely playground on site.  Perfect kid-party set up.  It was a little bit chilly, but how often can you plan a February birthday party outside?  (For any locals you can rent the veranda for parties by the hour for fairly cheap.  Chairs and tables included!)  

We started with decorating our unicorn horns.  These were rather involved unicorn horns--here's the DIY unicorn horn tutorial!--but I think the extra effort paid off.  Everyone had fun decorating their horns with glitter glue and stick on jewels, otherwise known as magic crystals.  

A little pin the horn on the unicorn.  Classic.

And of course, the piƱata.

Finally, the cake.

Rainbow, of course.  It's practically a law for Unicorn parties.

For invitations I ended up purchasing a custom pdf from the etsy shop, Print Your Heart Out.  This is such a great solution for an inexpensive yet custom look as it's a pdf that you print off at home.  I also ended up ordering custom circle tags and stickers for the party favors and a pin-the-horn-on-the-unicorn poster--the poster was the only thing I didn't print at home (Costco).  Laura was great to work with and since she had done a unicorn party for her own daughter, she had a lot of this stuff already configured.   I may or may not have borrowed more than a couple ideas from her party.  :)  

Come the end of the party I was done with pretty and perfection--this is how the party favors were distributed.  Keeping it real...  

One final shot of all our pretty unicorns!  Naaaaaay!

The birthday girl had a great time, was a great hostess (which we talked about ahead of time--she did really well!) and was smiling ear to ear.  Can't ask for more than that.

Unicorns 4-Eva!  

Small sidenote:  When I was feeling super stressed Friday morning after my accident and with so much left to do for the party the next day I decided to focus on gratitude instead of letting all my frustrations and fears get the best of me.  Throughout the rest of the day I told myself, out loud and in my head, I was grateful to have a car in the first place.  And while no one can ever really afford car repairs I was grateful that we can afford it.  I am grateful to have a beautiful daughter to plan a party for--what an amazing gift!  It really helped to focus on gratitude in the midst of the stress.  And what normally would have been a terrible rest-of-the-day was actually a pretty great rest-of-the-day!  I learned a lot about doing that from these people here.  If you don't read A Blog About Love, I suggest you start.  Have a great day!  


  1. So cute! Nicely done! I might be borrowing these ideas from you in a few years if the wee one loves unicorns...hmmm, maybe your hubby could start a unicorn pinata Etsy shop!! Thanks for sharing this special day!

  2. That is one high end impressive party. Luff the cake and the horns. Fabulous group snap at the end too x

  3. Such an adorable party! PSP looks so happy!

  4. Thanks you guys! Jojo--I know...I think he needs his own craft blog or something. :)

  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    I love it!!!! That is the most beautiful library isn't it? The party looks awesome, and the first picture with both of your girls is amazing.

    So sorry about the fender bender. I hope the driver was insured. Way too many around here are not.

  6. Ahhh Miggy! What a great party :) But of course I'm partial to your last side note. That little experience in gratitude sounds like something Mara and I have done many times, and it never ceases to amaze me at how it changes how I feel about a situation. It often surprises me that it makes for a better day than I was having before what ever inconvenience, great or small, came into my world.

    Glad you felt it too.