Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Microphone Stand

Some crafts are carefully thought out, while others spontaneously come together.  It was the latter for this kid-engineered craft.  

This microphone and accompanying mic stand was 99% PSP's idea.  After finishing a roll of wrapping paper, my 5 year old picked up the long cardboard tube and declared it to be a perfect microphone and immediately set to work.  However, I didn't realize the complete genius until it was almost done.  She's made microphones before, but this time she was making a microphone and a separate stand.  She asked dad for a toilet paper roll, asked me for some wrapping paper (that happened to be grey with white polka-dots--rather microphone like) and she made her smaller mic.  The she crinkled the bottom so it would fit into the longer wrapping paper tube--ie, her mic stand.  My contribution was adding the paper plate on the bottom for the actual stand.  Dad's contribution was adding the triangle supports at the bottom.  And voila.  

I sorta hate obvious DIY's, so I'm just gonna give this picture and let you take it from there.

PSP rocking out to her new favorite song...

 And don't think little sis didn't want in on the action...


Of course the last step would be to decorate it.  Markers, stickers, paper, paint... the options are endless.

Fun, easy and I didn't even have to think of it!
Love those girls.


  1. my sisters and I used hair brushes in the 70s as microphones.

    Luff the blog.

    So glad I found it x

  2. And another thing. I very rarely go back and read every post of a blog, but I have have with yours.

    I really like the way you write, and I love how your deal with parenting with such strength and honesty.


    1. FF--Wow, thank you. That is quite a compliment. Hugs to you and yes...will hairbrushes ever not be used as microphones? Classic.

  3. So cute! The girls look like they are having fun with their new creation. My two year old son recently called a wrapping paper tube his weed whacker. Love their big imaginations!

    1. Emily--Ah...I love seeing the gender differences at play here. Nnot that a microphone is so feminine, but a weed whacker? That's all boy. :)

  4. i read your blog for a lot of reasons, but one big reason is your nice girls. really nice and sweet. gives me hope for my girls to have friends like your girls. keep up the good work mom!

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