Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Always a little slow on the resolution uptake I've been thinking a lot more about goals lately, specifically about time.  About the fact that we all have the same 24 hours in a day and am I really using the time I've been given wisely?  No longer the frantic new mom with new baby just trying to keep my head above water, I find myself with a little more time than I used to.  Sure I'm still plenty busy with staying on top of running our home, including dinner and chores, not to mention child-rearing, thrice-weekly therapy appointments, and PSP's school related responsibilities... I mean in those ways there's never enough time.  But still, I must have time!  It's there somewhere or those shows wouldn't get watched and FB would never be checked.  I have nap time (knock on wood) and even the early evenings when my kiddos are in bed.   I have always found pleasure in watching a favorite show or wasting time on-line as a good wind down tool but lately I keep going back to this thought:  At the end of the year/decade/yourlife, do you want to have a lot of good Gilmore Girls episodes under your belt and clocked relaxation time, or do you want something more?  

I'm thinking I want something more.

What about you--are you finding and using your time to have the life you really want?  Do you feel like you're being deliberate about how you use your time or are you just trying to stay afloat?  Is there something you're specifically tackling and feel as though you're using your time wisely?  What's really holding you back--is it really a lack of time or is it excuses and fear?  Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts...    



  1. Sigh... I identify SO much with this. Since becoming a mom, time has become such a precious commodity. I'm trying to steer away from mindless activities (we cut cable and I only watch 2-3 shows online) and I'm trying to always have a project to work on in my little free time (photo books, writing, reading etc.) Facebook and Instagram are such time sucks but they are nice to stay connected during isolating times as a mom. I moved my Facebook app to the last page of my iPhone so I'm not as tempted to open it all the time. I'm also trying to read more substantive stuff. Articles that make me think.

    In short, for not having a lot of time, I spend a lot of time thinking about how I spend my time. : )

  2. Great post! I too can relate to this, I think we all can! And I also feel that my time is much more precious since becoming a mom, my son is two. My husband and I were married for 8 years before our son was born, and I really thought I was busy during those 8 years... I wasn't! ;-) I do try to spend my time wisely. I don't watch much tv at all... maybe an hour a week. And after struggling with infertility, I vowed when my son was born to be present in the time we have together. As a working mom, the time I do get to spend with my son, I want to be attentive, hear his thoughts, play, and have fun. I try to keep my cell phone at bay (its hard!) and I don't make calls or do chores until he is in bed. Which doesn't leave much time for much else personally. I do try to read every night, but would love to break out my study bible and dig deeper. I would love to keep up on my son's baby books and photo albums. I would love to crosstitch again! One of the things I am trying this year is no facebook/phone stuff in the evenings. So far that has helped... it is such a time suck!

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    This may be my first comment, though I'm going to try to comment more...I realize just reading and not responding is a little too one-sided here and I apologize.

    I also hear where you're coming much to do and it feels like there isn't much time, though I've recently realized that sometimes when you don't have much "free" time you make better use of that time. I think back to when my kids were very little and I did so much (sewing projects mainly) as a way to show myself that I was doing things for ME. Now that I have slightly more time, I'm more inclined to just lay around and watch a show or surf the Internet. I would also like to return to a more product down time. We'll see!


  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I can relate I am a stay at home mom. I was really busy with little ones , now they are in school. I want more but I think I am afraid to change roles from full time mom to working outside the home. I still feel they need me and want to be there. ALso not sure what I can do that won't deplete me at the end of the day . I still am super busy as my kids have mandarin, spanish, cello, sports after school. I just feel "in between" life stages and I really don't like it!

  5. Great thoughts!

    Sometimes I love me some down time. It doesn't really matter what it is, but I find that especially if I'm really busy, I need a day where I don't do anything.

    But my ultimate goal is to need less and less down time - no, down time is the wrong word. Less non-focused down time. I'm headed in the right direction, for sure, but still.

  6. I can really relate. Sometimes after a series of major life events, I become so used to the feeling of barely treading water, just struggling to survive and clinging to scraps of free time as if they were life rafts that I almost don't notice when the storm calms and I'm washed ashore. What to do with myself?

    Lately, it's like re-discovering what it is that I truly enjoy. What makes me feel productive and creative. But I'm rusty at it, and it's tiring, and often the couch and an episode of Gilmore Girls wins out. My least favorite question in the evening is "what did you do today?"

    But experience has taught me that I'll soon gain my footing. I'll become so used to the time available to be creative that the next crisis will knock me off my axis once more. :)