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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slow Start

proof that sometimes San Antonio does indeed have grey skies...

I've had a slow start this week, but here I am.  We had a good weekend.  Saturday was one of those lazy days where we start out with no plan and just follow our instincts until we look back and realize, hey...we did good.

It started with an Estate Sale.  It's been a while since we've gone to one of these and clearly I was off my game.   I landed in this little room mezmorized by baggies and baggies of old doll clothes.  Beautiful, detailed, vintage doll clothes... I opened bag after bag and tried to think of a reason I needed these beautiful doll clothes.  After about 20 minutes of hanging out in that room a woman walked in a placed a sold sticker on the bed where all these doll clothes were.  And then I looked at the bed and realized I hadn't even noticed a Jenny Lind, in perfect condition mind you, was right in front of my face.  Since it was the last day of the sale it went for 50% off... a whopping $75.  Heartbroken.  Crushed.  What made it even worse was that the woman who bought it had no idea how cool a bed it was... she just liked that it wasn't creaky.  Great.  I'm consoling myself with the fact that head and foot boards seemed a little too low.  Perhaps?  (Yes I bought a full size JL bedframe this past fall, but it's not in the best condition.  Husband was mad I bought it.)  Luckily the day picked up from there...

We took the girls to the ever popular Kiddie Park for some quick retro amusement type fun.  Lamp was scared to go on the boats and started to cry as they pulled away.  Once again Sister came to the rescue and held her hand the entire ride.  Those two.  

Lastly--and this is probably the most important part of the post--we made a stop at Bakery Lorraine.  I heard about this from a friend and didn't realize this place was so new (only 4 months) but it is so, so good.  If you live in San Antonio do yourself a favor and head to Bakery Lorraine for something decadent and delicious.

Located off Broadway in a renovated bungalow style house, it's cute without trying too hard.  They have a fine selection of baked goods, including some serious looking macaron's.  (I'm still not convinced that cookie is the shiz-nit everyone says it is, but I'm hoping BL will turn that around for me).  They have seating inside and out back next to their organic garden.  Of course.  


I opted for this bad boy... some sort of vanilla, almond honey tart.  It was evil... in the very best way possible.  Hugs Bakery Lorraine... we'll be seeing each other soon.

And as a little preview for my next post....while I missed out on the Jenny Lind bed, I did manage to bring some of those doll clothes home.  And our family dynamics will never be the same....    

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