This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Moccs for a Year!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Moccs for a Year!

We started off the New Year with a bang!  Many of you are probably familiar with the blog and shop Freshly Picked.  Susan, the mastermind behind Freshly Picked, held a huge end-of-the-year contest for 5 lucky people to win Moccs for an entire year!  That's four (4!) pairs of baby/toddler moccasins shipped over the course of the year.  These moccasins are beautiful, hip, and I can only imagine buttery soft and top-quality.  Susan even boasts a celebrity cliental!

Amazingly we were one of the 6 winners!!!  (She ended up choosing 6 winners.)  I did a happy dance as soon as I found out.  I think any mama would be thrilled, but I'm pretty sure I was extra-super-duper thrilled as these will be the absolute best shoes for little Lampy feet.  For the most part shoes have been out of the question for Lamp--the only times she wears them is to practice standing in therapy.  Since Lamp uses her feet the way we use our hands, she needs to be able to get them off quickly, without a lot of ties and straps, because they come off as soon as that girl hits the floor for some play time.  Additionally, Lamp's feet are two adorably different sizes, so the few times we've attempted shoes outside of therapy, her right shoe immediately falls off.  Always.  Susan graciously agreed to make a different size shoe for each of her cutest little feet.  You guys... you guys... these moccasins are the perfect solution.  Soft, comfy and easy to remove like the socks she's so used to but actual, wonderful, beautiful shoes that will fit her feet.

The contest was held via instagram.  You could enter once a day as long as you marked your pic with the hashtag #moccsforayear.  There were thousands of entries!  I can't believe we won!  But I think the following two pictures with the accompaning captions might have helped seal the deal.

Did someone say #moccsforayear?   

My sister wants to win some #moccsforayear now, ya' hear?  

When I told Lamp we won some special shoes just for her, she raised her arms and yelled Whoo-hoo!  I want some special shoes just for me!  A-door-eeb-lay.  I just want to say thank you to Susan and Freshly Picked for choosing us!   And please do yourself a favor and head over to Freshly Picked and check out the Moccs, the super stylish bolo ties, leather mouse pads and other beautiful hand made goods.  You won't be sorry.  

And you can bet your bottom dollar you'll be seeing some pics of Lamp in her new moccs.  Holla!  


  1. For future shoes: Nordstrom sells two different size shoes for the price of a single pair.

    1. Abbey--no way! Thanks for the info, that's good to know.

    2. Whooo Hoooo!! I saw your pics on IG and was keeping my fingers crossed for you and little Lampy-Poo!! So happy you won and she will have darling little shoes for her precious little footies. :)

    3. NIKE also will sell two different sized shoes for the same price. My 78 year old dad finally has shoes that fit!

  2. Yay!! So glad you guys won!!I can't wait to see them on little Lamp :)