Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Recap

Last week a woman at church asked me, "Are you homesick?"

No, I said.  Not at all.  I don't really know where 'home' is anymore except when I'm with my family.  They are home, which is why staying here for Christmas, just the 4 of us, was perfect.  It was the right amount of getting out and doing things, vs. staying in and being home bodies.  And in trying so hard to strike the right balance of gifts the girls would enjoy but not over-doing it, I think we did a great job this year.  I already told you I brought my A-game and I saw it through to the end.
Christmas 2012 = huge hit.

Christmas Eve dinner.  Enchiladas from my side of the family and seafood and candlelight from my husbands side. 

I made a deal with myself in December.  As long as I worked out regularly (4-5 times a week) I could eat whatever I want.  This secret toffee recipe from my Uncle was just one of the many indulgences I allowed myself.  This stuff is the real deal.    
As you may remember we do things a little different...we read the Christmas story after Christmas eve dinner (and watched a great video about it) and then we open all family presents.  This is how I did Christmas growing up and I loved it.  

One of the sweetest things was opening homemade gift after homemade gift from that artistic and precocious little 5 year old of ours.  She spent days making us gifts and these were her heart melting offerings.  A decoupaged water bottle, matching heart necklaces for all the girls with pink hearts and dental floss, a ring fashioned from a pipe-cleaner and a red bead, and a seashell from our trip to South Padre.  I have to admit in the weeks leading up to Christmas, as kept watching her make present after present I started to get a little nervous thinking ok, that's enough presents kiddo.  But upon opening these little gifts that she spent so much time on, that she wrapped so meticulously (she made that little holder for the ring herself) I couldn't do anything but shower her with praise and love for all her hard work.  Certainly not pinterest worthy DIY's, but absolutely priceless to her family.  Oh that girl... I love her so much.  

But first, I have to check my email mom.  Lamp received a leap-top for Christmas and loves having her own computer.  She has to check her email...a lot.

Santa came!

And he came bearing pink and purple unicorns.  What more could 2 and 5 year old girls ask for?  

Oh yes...snow.  Well Santa brought that too...

Christmas letters on the tree.

We also went all out for Christmas day dinner with a turkey and all the fixin's.... honestly, one of our best holiday meals ever.  

Me showing off 2 things--my hair finally long enough to pull up (yippie!!!) which also means I can finally wear these earrings the Mr. got me last Christmas.   Dangly, feather earings beg for an updo.   

Modeling her new dress and new shoes from Santa.  I told her to stop posing.  So this is her not posing.  

Pushing her baby while driving her chair.  I die.

The day after Christmas we had a celebratory dance family dance party.  
The perfect way to end a perfect Christmas season.  

Hope your Christmas was just as merry and bright.


  1. Linda P.7:32 AM

    I loved this post, Miggy! So full of fun and thoughtfulness and love of family. I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. We did as well. We drove to the Texas Panhandle to see family and got to have a white Christmas! Turns out if we had stayed here in North Texas we would have had one as well! Yep, it hardly ever snows here, but it did on Christmas Day. I'm always a little sad when the sparkle and spirit of the Christmas season is over. It is always such a special time. : )

  2. Such a sweet Christmas. I think in al the hustle and bustle you need to have a day just with your own family. I love the way she pushes her baby stroller. Both girls are just adorable.

  3. Hi Miggy. Loved your Christmas recap. Those girls of yours are divine. Loved all the homemade gifts from PSP. Glad it was a cozy Christmas with just the right trimmings.
    P.S. where is that pink seat from that Lamp is sitting in? That would be a great seat for Lily since sitting up isn't her favorite thing to do. ;)

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      I believe Lamp is in a Bilibo. It's an imaginative toy designed to be used any way kids like! I hope it helps out Lily. :) (I'm an anonymous blog-reader of yours, too!)

      Here's a link to one on Amazon:

  4. OMG, the Little People pop up camper! I totally had that when I was little-- I loved that thing! And also, your girls are adorbs. :)