This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Limitations

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Limitations.  I think that's an adult word and an adult concept we sometimes put on ourselves and others because we think our small life experience is the embodiment of all truth.  What do we know?  Stupid adults.  I honestly don't think the most basic concept of that word has ever entered into the realm of my daughters' relationship.  

Because when I look out the kitchen window and see them playing a game where little sister comes charging towards big sister...

and big sister goes charging towards little sister....

and then they both fall down...



 and having the time of their lives,
I know they're having as much fun as any two sisters ever did.  
And I feel stupid for ever thinking it would be any other way.  


  1. There is just something about sisters! This is beautiful. It makes me happy that you captured it.

  2. Linda P.7:14 AM

    Beautifully said, and there is so much to think about here! Thank you for giving me food for thought and for sharing these precious sisters.

  3. So delightful.

    I love that final pic so much...perfection...

  4. ah it melts me heart!

  5. So sweet. So true. I learn a lot from watching my kids. Lamp will teach so many people with the odds she defys I just know it.

  6. Oh what joy! Oh to be able to laugh and squeal in a carefree manner is a gift.