This Little Miggy Stayed Home: December

Sunday, December 09, 2012


It's December and for once, I've brought my A game.  Gifts are purchased.  Christmas tree and decorations are up... like a week ago, pssh.  We've made some homemade snowglobes and papertree crafts a la Martha Stewart.  We've dipped stuff in chocolate and have even enjoyed a hot cocoa bar.   Christmas carols playing on pandora non-stop and our Christmas cards will be out sometime next week don'tworryaboutit.  What's that you ask?  Do we have a homemade-y type advent calendar with activities/fun lil' things to do for each day?  Yes.  Of course we do.  

I'm not kidding.  I'm killing it this December.  By the end of the month my kids are going to be begging for it to stop.  And if they're not, I didn't do my job.   

Perhaps this sounds typical for you, but I don't think I'm usually this on-the-ball.  I always aspire to have it together, but I just don't.  Some years are just more hectic than others.  And then there's the time and the stuff and the effort.  But this year I'm killing it.  (Did I already mention that?  The part about me killing it?  Has my blog offically become one of those blogs that makes you feel inadequate about yourself?  Perfect.  Mission accomplished).  

The nice thing about doing all the work upfront is that I feel like I can relax and actually enjoy this month, plan some outings along the way and soak it up.  And while I'm being a little joke-y and smugish I truly hope that with so much periphery out of the way, we can also find ways to really make Christmas more meaningful.  Think about a way we could serve someone else.  Teach and talk to my girls about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas.  The decorating, the ornaments, the magic to me is all a reflection of the real magic and awe we should feel about the birth of Jesus, His life and love for us.  

Oh did I mention we also met the Grinch and made graham cracker gingerbread houeses?  Don't worry plans for a real gingerbread house is already in the works.    

 Just give up already... this December is mine.

ps.  Just a quick blog pole...should I cut bangs again?  Remember me with bangs?  I just can't decide.


  1. Hi. I came over from Reagan's Blob and am so happy to be reading your blog. I just have to chime in on the bangs thing....and say NO. I am currently growing out a pixie cut. It is SO PAINFULLY BAD...I wouldn't wish hair grow out on anyone...and let's face WILL want to grow them out again. That is my 2 cents!

  2. Yes to the bangs! Also I guess you stole my December motivation for yourself because I haven't done a darn thing.

  3. Haha! This post made me smile- good for you! We've been trying to do the same thing, getting all the major stuff out of the way early, but on a much simpler (aka LESS CRAFTY) level and I feel like I can actually sit back and enjoy the month. Well, almost.

    YES on the bangs! I'm actually cutting some next week myself. Such a fun, easy change, and fun to grow out in my opinion... but I love change. You are such a beauty, you can do no wrong Miggy.

  4. Don't cut the bangs.

    Please explain how you made those snow globes.