This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Christmas Dress

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Dress

This was me during Christmas of 1983.  It might have been 1984, but I'm sticking with '83.  This was easily the most memorable and most beloved Christmas dress of my childhood.  Lace for miles, super spinny, and what I didn't get a picture of but what makes this dress so incredibly perfect for Christmas is the fact that there were 2 bells sewn into the lining.  Jingle bells, attached with little burgundy bows.  One of the left and one on the right.  I still remember how I felt wearing this dress to church--the ooooh's and ahhh's I received as I pranced down the hallway.  Some dresses are just magic and you know it when you put it on.  Am I right ladies?  For a 6 year old Miggy living in smalltown Gering, Nebraska this dress was magic.  

Fast forward nearly 30 years and the magic of this dress captivated the heart of my own almost 6 year old daughter as she wore it to church for the first time last Sunday.  My mom sent it this past summer and PSP fell in love.  Trying it on incessantly and patiently waiting for December when she could finally wear the laciest, frilliest, fanciest dress she's ever known.  And if there's one thing PSP likes, it's fancy.  And while only 1 bell remains in the lining, she was just as thrilled by this special secret detail as I was.  We're not sure what happened to the burgundy bow and cameo, but I had a little gold cameo necklace that was a decent stand-in.  For the record the dress was always cream...the coloring is just off in the older pic.  

It's so fun to see a relic from your childhood passed down to your own kids... especially when the current experience so perfectly mirrors the one in your memory.  Thank you magic Christmas've done it again.  

And God bless us!  Everyone!  


  1. Love this! My ultimate Christmas dress was circa 1985, a reddish stiff watermark taffeta with white lace and a wide ribbon at the drop waist. It was so SWISHY. And my little sis had a mini version. Sadly it was a bit musty for my daughter to wear.

  2. Anonymous4:36 AM

    That dress is fabulous! I am very envious of the both of you ;)

    1. Amazing....simply amazing. :)

  3. How priceless and precious!

  4. Adorable! I have a favorite dress of mine from the early 80's that I've saved for a daughter to wear someday. The funny part is that it also has a bell sewn into the lining!

  5. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Awwww....that is so sweet!

  6. Little girls in pretty Christmas dresses, what could be better? And to enjoy two of my favorites in the same pretty dress, well that's pure magic...
    Pure "Christmas Magic"! Thank you Darling! What a Christmas gift!

    All my love,

  7. Beautiful! Btw Love your blog! Stumbled upon it through kelle hampton's:)

  8. So cute! It's fun to see PSP enjoying it as much as you did.

    It's funny, to me. My mom made me cute dresses like this, and then I flat out REFUSED to wear them. I remember crying over one particularly horrendous purple (PURPLE! Can you imagine?!) dress that I can look back now and recognize as cute beyond cute. Frills. Purple. What was my mom thinking? :)

    See? I've always been fashion challenged.

  9. Priceless for sure. Thanks for sharing:)