Wednesday, November 07, 2012

West Elm Market

I stumbled upon West Elm's new Market line of home and personal goods and instantly fell in love-- especially with their kitchen stuff.  A few years before I got married I started stock piling aprons, pots and pans, and tea towels.  I think it was my secret way of admitting I wanted to be a grown up.  In fact, I was browsing some kitchen towels with a boy I was dating once, telling him how much I loved them, and when he got me a lovely bracelet for Valentine's Day instead I was super disappointed.  Obviously it wasn't meant to be.  Anyway, I love the vintage yet modern vibe they've got going on.  And clearly I've got a weakness for enamelware, which looks like it came straight out of little orphan Annie's kitchen in the 1920's.  Swoon.  I sure hope Santa's paying attention this time because seriously.... I don't even wear bracelets.  


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