This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Recovering and TV Trays

Monday, November 12, 2012

Recovering and TV Trays

You know how sometimes people say they were up all night long with a sick kid?  As it turns out that isn't necessarily a hyperbole.  Saturday night I was literally up all night with a little Lamp who threw up every half hour starting at 11:30pm through the rest of the night.  Not that she had much in her tummy after the first few times, but she was throwing up nonetheless.  Poor thing.   Finally at 6:00am I passed her over to the Mr. and fell into bed for a few hours of sleep.  Hallelujah for Sundays.  By Sunday afternoon we were in recovery mode, all jammied out watching TV on the couch with some hot food near by.  I don't like to eat on our couch, but I didn't want to go to the table either--we were cozy and still feeling the effects of a sleepless night.  And that's when I remembered them....TV trays!  Where were TV trays when I needed them?  As a kid TV trays weren't something we used all the time, but when we did pull them out--maybe dinner in front of a family movie--it was something special.  I don't know if I could find a set that I'd love enough to justify buying--always in storage, more crap around the house!--but TV trays would have been perfect for a lazy, Sunday recovery.  A quick look around etsy and pinterest shows there are plenty of vintage sets for sale--personally I prefer the longer legs that go to the ground, as opposed to the shorter lap versions.

Anyone else use TV trays growing up?  Do you use them today?  If so do you when do you pull them out and are they worth storing and keeping for occasional use?  

ps--Lamp slept like a champ all night long yesterday and is doing much better this morning.  

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  1. We had TV trays! I think my parents still have them stored behind one of their couches. I was thinking about them the other day too when my friend moved into a studio apartment. They store pretty well behind a couch assuming it's a little slanted. Of course, I don't own any of my own but might have to keep my eyes out :)

  2. I have a set that we keep behind the couch. I use them often, for crafting while watching TV, sometimes they are a computer desk, a place to put a snack and for eating while watching TV. Love them!

  3. Poor Lamp... that makes me sad for her (and you.)

    I remember we had some awesome old school Strawberry Shortcake TV trays- I completely forgot about those suckers! They're long gone, but this is tempting me to get some new TV trays, space constraints and all.

  4. So glad Lamp is feeling better... I hate when they throw up like that, so sad.

    We have TV trays, and we had them growing up as well. We don't use them very much, but I can see their usefullness coming to mind again for different project and special occassions with my 2 year old.