Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More South Padre

It wasn't a huge, homemade dinner with all the fixin's type of Thanksgiving, it was a beachy, play in the sand forever, build deeper friendships, and let someone else cook, serve and clean up type of Thanksgiving  And it was pretty great.

 We found some beautiful Mermaids. 

What is it with beach towns and giant sharks and shells flanking their buildings?  I kinda love it.

We loved visiting the turtle rescue and rehabilitation center.

After Thanksgiving dinner I loved watching these two girls shed their initial hesitation...

and give into innocent exhibitionism, dancing without a care or any self-consciousness in the world.  They owned that dance floor.  I consider it a personal mission to help my girls recognize and hold onto that innate confidence.

And I don't care if the 'band' consists of an elderly husband/wife duo who call themselves Mixed Bag and who--bless their heart--can barely carry a tune.  If there's a dance floor and someone's singing Sweet Caroline, you best believe I'm going be cutting a rug.  That's just a fact.  (ps I have nothing but love and respect for Mixed Bag...they were a perfect Thanksgiving cover band.  Talk about confidence! )

And on that note... One of my favorite pics from the entire trip.

Let the record show, good times were had in South Padre.

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  1. Those pictures just made my day, the one-tooth grins, Lamp peeking through the turtle stand, the goggles...