Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Mormon Helping Hands

I've been rather silent about Hurricane Sandy and I don't know why.  While all my friends and family in the NY area are OK, I know the devastation has been rampant and overwhelming.  Josh Brown, photographer and filmmaker, created the above video highlighting some of the recovery and clean up efforts from local Mormon congregations.  It's really a wonderful and uplifting video.  Everyone has different feelings about religion in general and even Mormons specifically.  You can laugh about our quirks and disagree with our beliefs...but when it comes to helping in the aftermath of natural disasters and other times of crisis, we really step up to the plate.  Nothing makes me more proud to be a Mormon than watching video's like this and seeing my fellow brothers and sisters in action practicing pure religion.  I even know several of the people featured in the video.  Mormon or not, it's a well done video that will elevate your faith in humanity.    


  1. This is so touching. I loved it and hope you don't mind me sharing it. :)

  2. This definitely elevated my faith in humanity. Thanks for sharing it. And now, to find a tissue...

  3. Loved that, glad you shared.

  4. Yes, thank you! After a wildly unpleasant work day, this was just what I needed to see (I even forwarded it to my boss). There is hope.

  5. Aww, Miggy, what perfect timing. My husband went to Univ Utah and played tennis with BYU guys. He taught me, "I never knew why people had dramas with Mormons. To me, they were just a polite, friendly bunch of people who didn't curse." By chance I later ended up having a wonderful Mormon as a boss, and my husband was (of course) right!
    On Monday I had a group of Mum's over for lunch and at one point the conversation turned to Mormons-- and the stereotypes flowed, just shocking really! Even though I couldn't explain the difference in your beliefs, I was able to firmly state how Mormons are just a better version of a regular person- in a nutshell. I was happy to educate them, b/c like I said, their stereotypes were absurd! Now I see this video and I can't wait to share it on Facebook- I know the same Mums will see it. Cheers, Miggy!

    1. Lisa McP--

      So glad this could come in handy! :) I have to say I'm surprised that there are a lot of what I'm assuming are negative stereotypes about us still. Sure people always bring up polygamy and that stuff, but I other than that I always assumed people thought we were good, hard-working people. Not that I think we're a better version of regular mind you--Mormons like any other people, have their faults. But I'm glad you like us! :)