This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Today

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Lamp and I zoo-ed it up today with some friends.  Which was really fun--yay for friends!  We saw elephants, fish, hippos, and monkeys, monkeys and more monkeys.  But by far the most interesting, albeit disgusting, animal sighting of the day was when the above bird land about 2 feet away from us.  What's that tasty morsel he's got in his beak you might ask?  A cockroach.  A nasty, still-writing-in-the-birds-beak cockroach.  Oh Texas.  I just never know when I might get a surprise cockroach sighting, so thanks for that.  Points for originality by the way...  

So it's late and I had planned on editing some photos and doing a decent post, but alas my favorite photo editor is being a little persnickety.  So I'm going to leave you with the above photo from our zoo outing today and call it good.  Also, I'm having major Fall envy right now...major.      


  1. We just moved to Texas (Dallas) this July and just last night I told my husband that if I hear/see one more person on Facebook talk about crisp air and jeans I was going to pull my hair out! Sigh. The winter should be nice though right? We'll be able to rub 60 degrees in their face when they're dealing with negatives, right??? This s what I tell myself at least!

  2. Fall envy for me too. It was SO cool a few nights ago, and then this morning it was just muggy and warm. Way to go on getting a picture of the nasty scene!

  3. I love how you edited that picture. It helps you focus on the creepy bird and the creepy bug.

    Oh, Texas. You so crazy.

    *ahem* sorry. I couldn't resist.