Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sick Days and Hanging Out

Yesterday was our very first sick day.  PSP was pretty bummed, because there was a perfect attendance party at the end of the month.  Homegirl was literally begging me to take her to school while running a decent temperature.  Already an overachiever.  Sadly I had to rain on her parade, but we sorta had a nice throw-back to the olden days today.  The olden days being about a month ago when my two chickadees were under foot all day long.  We stayed in our jammies until well past 11.  Mom tended to household chores while 1 sickie and 1 wannabe sickie (I got a fever too!  My tummy hurts!)  watched their share of Nickelodeon and Disney channel.

After a year in hibernation we recently set the tent up again and just in time for the perfect sick tent quarantine situation we had going on.  Pillows, blankies, coloring books, markers--check.

Which meant we also needed a well tent for the healthy children of the household.

I think she may have sensed an inferior tent situation.

I liked having PSP around again during the day.  Especially since our enlightening conversation on the Tuesday morning walk to school.  The conversation where she told me 2 kids in her class informed her that they smoke at home.  Yes, two five year old children were telling my daughter about smoking--that they smoke at home.  Then she held up her fingers in a I'm-holding-a-pretend-cigarette gesture like they had apparently demonstrated.  I asked her what her response was and she said she told them smoking wasn't good for them and that they shouldn't smoke.  I told her I was proud of her.  And then proceeded to do what I do best and cover every conceivable situation connected to 5 year olds and smoking and in the process probably freaked her out and definitely freaked myself out.  I let her know that if any kid ever tries to get her to smoke, or do drugs for that matter, she should run away and tell an adult.  And then she asked me what drugs were.  And then I tried to explain drugs to my 5 year old.  And well...let's just say I wasn't happy that this conversation was happening.  I understand that these kids probably aren't actually smoking at home, but the fact that my 5 year old is already being confronted with this stuff scares me.  I hate watching her innocence crumble away little by little.  I did alert the teacher to the situation and hopefully that's the last my daughter hears about her peers smoking. And so it begins...


In other news these pictures make me smile from head to toe, heart to brain, inside and out.

Lately, Lamp's been asking me at home to put her shoes and brace on so she can stand 'by myself.'  It's probably only happened about 2 times, but I love it.  Standing is something we usually just do during therapy, but it's a good sign when she starts asking to do therapy things at home.  Inevitably when she gets up on her cute little legs she starts to sing the Yo Gabba Gabba song, Wiggle wiggle wiggle go!  Wiggle wiggle wiggle go!  while she wiggles her cute little hiney back and forth.  Makes us smile every time.  I don't know how to explain it, but when I see pictures like this, pictures that remind me just what a beautiful, patient, happy and radiant soul she is I feel like everything was, is and always will be OK.


It's been a while since I've seen my family like this due to the fact that the husband has been studying day and night for his upcoming exam.  I love these little moments--just our family being us, doing the things we do together.  And it's surprising how much 'being us' entails dad doing acrobatics with a certain 5 year old, while an acrobat in training observes from close range with mom snapping pictures in the background.

I love my life and the people in it.    


  1. Are you kidding me? Talking about smoking at age five? The fact that they even know what smoking is at this age scares me. Ugh!!

    You have a beautiful family - love the pictures!

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Love the tents and Lamp standing on her own and your little acrobat...

  3. it's hard sending your kid(s) to school. if you thought they were growing up fast before, it's a rude awakening! it hardly bears contemplation!
    this post makes me happy. family is so divine! there are some moments that are just magical, right?

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Oh, how I would love PSP's tent in some gypsy/Bohemian fabrics! Oh, and Lamp's, too, of course! "She may have sensed an inferior tent situation." You funny lady, you! Ha ha!

    I love seeing Lamp stand!

    Hope PSP is well very soon.

    Oh, and did you change something with your commenting enablement? I had to comment as "anonymous," but psssst, I am really Linda P. ; )

  5. Okay, this post had me laughing and crying and laughing again. I am so scared for the future, I can't believe the smoking and drugs conversation is already starting. :( LOVE Lamp and those darling pictures of her. You are a fun mama with a lovely family!