This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Best Kids Shopping Blog...Ever!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Best Kids Shopping Blog...Ever!

Oh you guys, I have to admit it sort of pains me to write this post.  I feel like I just hit the secret insiders jackpot and I kinda don't want to share!  The Diminutive Review is a blog written by Natalie, a mother of 3, who is dedicated to letting you know about super good deals on kids clothing from companies and brands that tend to be on the pricy side.  We're talking Crewcuts at Old Navy prices folks.  A friend posted about this blog on facebook a few days ago.  Curious, I clicked over and I kid you not I placed an order about 10 minutes later for some super cute clothes at too-good-to-pass-up prices.

The above pictures are actual items I scored for those actual amazing prices.  Keep in mind that since these are rock-bottom prices the sizes and quantities are very limited.  This stuff probably goes fast enough and with this blog I'm sure they'll go even faster!  See why I wanted to keep this all to myself?  But I figured a good thing like this is going to spread like wildfire anyway, so I might as well be the one passing it along!

Happy shopping.


  1. Oooh, score! I will be checking this out! Thanks for sharing this goodie!

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    First-time commenter. This is so great! Thank you!

  3. snuck back to posting while I had gotten out of the habit of looking! It was like hitting the jackpot- 5 in a row. And you made me cry at work twice, too. But I guess the lowdown on a cool shopping site will make me dry my tears and pull out my debit card.

    Glad all has been going well for y'all.

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