This Little Miggy Stayed Home: My Forever Baby

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Forever Baby

As I crept into my babies' rooms to check on them last week, I found my littlest little asleep in the above position.  I had to take a picture for a couple of reasons.  1)  For so long she could only sleep on her back, but in the past few months she has started to sleep on her side and it still makes me smile.  Her ability to roll around freely started once she was finally rid of her g-tube.  2)  How many two year olds can still fit their entire body in the short length of their crib?  Not many.  Another thing that makes me smile.

A while ago I wrote a post about having a perpetual newborn.  Lamp was almost a year old, and couldn't do anything for herself.  She couldn't crawl of course, but couldn't even scoot back then either.  Even sitting was relatively new.  Eating and any sort of self feeding was not even on my radar of possibility.  It was hard and after a year, I was feeling overwhelmed by the complete lack of even the smallest signs of independence.

While I no longer consider her a perpetual newborn in many ways she is still very baby like...only now I love it.   I love having a forever baby as I call it, because I really have the best of both worlds.  A big girl who can tell me what she wants and why, but who is still so petite and cuddly that I can call her my baby without raising any eyebrows.  She has a lot more independence--she can scoot around, pick up toys, color, even eat a lot of foods by herself, but she is mini, mini, mini.  She can't walk and therefore I still hold her quite a bit,  and fortunately her size makes that quite easy.  She still likes to be snuggled and lets me hold her and rock back and forth each night before laying her down to sleep.

And probably my favorite trick of all is seeing a stranger smile and admire my little baby.  And then a minute later I watch as the incredulous look spreads across their face as they hear Lamp speak in perfectly clear sentences, at which point they ask the inevitable question, How old is she?  Yeah, I love that trick.

I dunno... it's just kinda funny to see something that once was a challenge become something you really love and appreciate.
Oh Life, you so crazy.


  1. Oooooh..I very much miss my babies sleeping in this position in the crib.

    Isn't it crazy how life and your perspectives change?

  2. This makes me smile, for so many reasons!

  3. I was all teary as I read this...happy, happy teary...but teary none the less...and then I snort laughed (truly ☺) when I read your parting shot of, "Oh Life, you so crazy." That was all kinds of awesome.

  4. love this. So lovely. What a beauty, you as mom and she as daughter.

  5. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE!!!! Amazing post, Miggaroo:) What a petite bundle of joy that Lamp is!

  6. Christine9:55 PM

    I want to see another video where we can hear her cute little voice!!!

  7. Man this post just strikes a cord. What sweet babies you have!

  8. Just so you know, there are a lot of men out there reading your blog, too. We're just too afraid of betraying our 'manhood' to leave comments. :)
    I'm the father of a newborn and this post touched me and got me all teary-eyed too. Thank you, Miggy. Keep on keepin' on.