Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh Denver

I made it home in one piece and so happy to see my little family.  It seems like every time I go away by myself I'm so excited to relish in the me-time, I go on a me-time binge--watch a movie on the plane, while reading a book and listening to music and stuffing my face with chocolate all at once.  And for the first day it's great.  Predictably, by day two I was just missing my family and calling the airline to see if I could change my return flight to be home a day early.  I ended up staying the entire time and it was great.  I didn't cry, but I did go through my things, drive around town, see old friends and take a lot of pictures.  

Highlights via iphone include:

Visiting my old high school and so happy to see the Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead and other rock 'n roll murals still there.  It's no wonder I wore birkenstocks to homecoming....    

Cracking up at my brother's middle school year book and all his hilarious notes and scribbles inside.   Perhaps this is only funny if you know my brother, but he did seem to have a bit of remorse didn't he?    

Coming across old cheerleading photo's.  Quite a few people always seem surprised to learn I was a cheerleader and a Pom (pom = dance team).    

Chatting with PSP on facetime only to see her lose another tooth!  Yes, while we were on facetime!  Dad accidentally-on-purpose wiggled it too hard and it came right out...only this time it hurt.  And bled.
Dad felt bad.  Bad dad.    
     The after photo--only 5 years old and 3 teeth gone!  What?  
(After losing her first tooth on the beach a in Cali, she had to get her top tooth pulled in early July.)  

Visiting my old stomping grounds like schools, friends houses and other monuments of my childhood.  

The Universe certainly knew I was in Colorado as I kept getting a disproportionate amount of The Cure, Led Zeppelin and other such bands that always remind me of growing up popping up on my random setting.  Thank you Universe.   

 My last shot on the shuttle from the car rental to the airport.  This rather menacing blue Stallion is a rather controversial piece of art out by the airport...call me crazy, but I kind of like it.  If for no other reason then it's completely obscene and frightens small children.  
(Read more about this controversial piece of art and rather sad backstory here.)    

Hugs to you Denver.   


  1. You are lucky to be a Colorado girl

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip back home and made it back to your family safely! :)

  3. I enjoyed the article about the controversial stallion. For some reason the whole thing made me laugh.

    Luh-ove the Pom picture!

  4. Jenny Vigil8:15 PM

    that stallion! the mini version is on Oklahoma Universities campus just down the street from my house. It is controversial here too :)

  5. Jenny Vigil8:16 PM