This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Exploring San Antonio: Morgan's Wonderland

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Exploring San Antonio: Morgan's Wonderland

Remember our friend Jessie from our trip to Dallas?  Well we finally got to meet up with her again and this time she brought her big sister, as well as mom and grandma.  We met up at Morgan's Wonderland here in San Antonio.  Morgan's Wonderland is self described as the first ultra accessible family fun park, meaning that it's designed with kids of all abilities in mind.  A carousel for typical kids and kids with wheelchairs?  Check.  Regular swings, chair style swings and wheelchair swings?  Check.  While I thought this place would be great for kids with special needs, that part barely phased me... any kid would love playing here.    

Upon entering the gates we were welcomed with this giant hand sculpture.  I had to laugh.  Clearly we weren't their target audience for this one.  


 Here's a picture of all the girls, Jessie and her equally beautiful big sister on the right.  Lamp was too enamored with Jessie to look at the camera.  Seriously, I just can't get over these beauties!  (Again with the giant hand sculpture...enough already!  haha)


Morgan's Wonderland was great.  I'm excited to spend more time there the next couple of years.  However, once again the location took a backseat to the company.  Both of my girls were enamored with Jessie and her big sister.  I can't even tell you how sweet and amazing these girls are.  From the pictures it may look like Lamp got all the attention, but I can assure you they were just as sweet and inclusive with PSP.  I caught glimpses of the big sisters walking hand in hand several times that day, even minutes after first meeting.  

 My love for this family runs deep.  As excited as I am to visit Morgan's Wonderland over the next few years, that doesn't hold a candle to the excitement I have for the continued association and friendship I look forward to with this family.  I just keep thinking how lucky we were to be at the hospital at the same time on the same day, especially when it wasn't even Jessie's regular appointment day.  But we all know luck had nothing to do with it.  

High fives Heavenly Father, high fives.  

(Yes I'm still taking a blogging break...but I told you I'd sneak some in here and there.)  


  1. I love Lamp's little curls. Can't get enough of her! How awesome to have these friends. There's nothing like finding people who can truly relate to you.

  2. wow.
    so very sweet. yeah, def. high fives to HF! He is good.

  3. I remember little Jessie and your visit with her Mom - I am so glad you are able to stay in touch and get together once in awhile. The pic of Lamp and Jessie on the swings is precious!

  4. You can just tell how sweet those girls are. BEautiful smiles. Yours are beautiful as well. We have a park somewhat similar to is all outdoors though. It would be nice to have some of it indoors......we do have something like that nearby but so expensive to get in. So glad that you have friends that you adore.

  5. What a fantastic place :) looks like you all had a great time

  6. Anonymous9:29 AM

    So happy for you to have found a family who can identify with your own family's journey and who you all can lean on for support when you encounter tough times that no one else might really ever understand. My daughter has a form of profound hearing loss and and now has bilateral cochlear implants. I feel so fortunate to be able to know other moms whose life experiences include standing in a supermarket with a child whose "ears" have stopped working because they forgot to change batteries/bring along a spare . . . Thank you for your blog. Having a child who is differently abled is an adventure and it is not always easy to see that you're not alone in the adventure. Your special needs spotlight entries help me remember that I'm not the only mom struggling to balance the extra weight of an adventure that I hadn't planned on with the regular life adventures that all families go through.

  7. Seriously, what a wonderful post! :) There are truly NO coincidences in this life. Heavenly Father is most definitely mindful of BOTH of your families. The situation is awe inspiring, for sure. All of the girls are such beauties! Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. this is awesome! so happy for both your families to have been lead to each other. these four girls are all so darling. and i love morgan's wonderland! how cool that you happen to live close to a park made to accommodate ALL children! another high five to Heavenly Father.

    PS - i never had a chance to comment on your post about your playdate where the kids were all asking questions, and you kind of wanted to punch them in the face. i say punch in the faces of those moms that didn't come help explain and teach their kids these tricky ideas!! sheesh! where were they in all this? ok, i'll lock up my mama bear, but for reals you're the coolest and you're the coolest to share your experiences with all of us so we can all learn and love!

    also - i'd love to hear about times that you appreciated how other kids/parents reacted or things they said, how they explained things to their kids, etc. i always want to help my children love, understand and not judge or feel afraid of people/things they don't understand so any tips you have to share, i'd love to hear!

  9. Awesome! Cool friends rock.