This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Summer Vacay 2012: San Diego

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Vacay 2012: San Diego

San Diego.  

B's parents rented a beach house for a week for the whole fam damily.  And in case you're's always a good idea to rent a beach house for a week in San Diego.  

Sunsets, bike rides, Sea World, cousins, games, food, surfing, laughing, bonfires and beaching, beaching, beaching...  

Within minutes of our arrival the swimsuits were located and bestowed upon little bodies that were then slathered in sunscreen and ready for some sand-play in record time.  

And play in the sand they did.  One afternoon the kids were reverting back to familiar territory asking to watch a show.  I remember throwing them a look they didn't recognize, a look that said "excuse me, do you have any idea where you are?"  We sent them out to play in the sand... 4 hours later they were still going strong.  Enticing them inside for dinner became a chore.  Success!  

And let's just agree that most any activity can be improved whilst enjoying a beach sunset.  

Yes, Sea World.  Even though we have a Sea World in San Antonio we had to go while in San Diego too.  I'll admit...I was sorta against it.  And maybe a little pouty at first....then something cool happened...

Lamp lost her bear.  Bear is her pacifier and it's actually attached to a stuffed bear.  We lost it and the only place I know to replace it is on Amazon (bear is a special pacifier holder that allows her to actually put her paci back in at night by herself).  No bear for night night?  We're toast.  Long story short we retraced our steps to the last show we watched.  Well they were just ending another show and the performers came out to take pictures, while a security guy went to check the lost and found for us.  Lamp saw all these kids getting their picture taken with these guys and she really, really wanted her picture taken with them as well.  Which I thought was sorta funny for her.  Anyway, we take some photos and they were very sweet to Lamp.  And then--ta-da!--the security guy came walking out with bear!  Hip, hip, hooray!  THEN the woman in the pink wet suit came walking back out and said "Hi we were wondering if you'd like to come back and feed the dolphins with us?"  WHAT?  OK!  

 We fed them ice...who knew? 

Getting a backstage pass to Sea World was definitely a highlight.  
Another highlight was returning to Sea World that evening after the kids were in bed with just my husband and riding the roller coaster 6 times in a row.  The Manta.  We owned The Manta.  As much as I love being a responsible mom, I love feeling like a care-free hoodlum running through the empty line and jumping ropes for another ride.  I need that feeling every once in a while.   

And then there was everything else....


Who gets up on their very first try surfing?  My husband.  That's who.  
Hot.  White hot. 


Another documentation of her first tooth loss on the beach.  Best ever. 


Still there?  
You should probably go check on the kids, change the laundry or whatever else you were doing before you read this post.  



  1. love all of this.
    beach pictures, sandcastle, cute baby feeding dolphins (!), stylin' mama, rollercoaster fun without kids, family times..
    it's all good!

  2. Linda P.8:03 AM

    What a great time! Oh, I'm so glad y'all found Bear, and getting to go behind the scenes at Sea World--very cool!! Glad you and hubby got "act like crazy teenagers" alone time together. : D

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    So wonderful!!!! Laura

  4. I'm filled with California beach envy from how great your pictures are!

  5. Love Sea World- going back to Orlando in September and I can't wait! And btw, I have one of those bear paci holders that my son never used cause he preferred his thumb over the paci. Its the kind with the removable paci. I'll be happy to mail it to you as a back-up if you like.

  6. Hi Miggy,

    So, time to introduce myself! I have loved, loved, loved your blog for awhile now. I live in Norman, OK and am a mom to a wonderful boy and a wife to a wonderful man. We own a bike shop and (just recently) a coffee shop. Are we crazy or what?!
    I just wanted to guys are super duper freaking wonderful! I have loved watching your girls grow and grow. And I have also been so inspired with your artsy stuff...really inspired.
    I could go on and on, but I won't. Just wanted to let you know your blog is a total routine check in for me. I am so touched by your it. Sounds strange maybe, but you have touched me on a spiritual level for sure!

    Keep on keepin' on in your wonderful way!

  7. your family is beautiful! seriously, those girls are so darling! I love reading your blog woman!