This Little Miggy Stayed Home: No Doubt About It

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Doubt About It

           My custom painted No Doubt guitar                                                                                photos by Momoko Fritz     

First, a couple things....

1) I'm still working on our Rarotonga pics.  Promise.
2) Since our vacay and being back the Spotlight has taken a back seat.  Hopefully we'll be back up and running next week.  Those take a lot of work and I've been gone.  AND please, if you want to be spotlighted please, please email me.  I always need more spotlightees.  

And now....

OK so I told you about No Doubts new single right?  That night I watched the world premiere for the video and you's like I took a time machine back about 12-13 years because I have been in No Doubt nostalgia heaven these past few days.  While my girls have heard ND songs from time to time I've been giving them a little music history lesson while driving in the car these past couple of days.  Hey guys, wanna hear a song about Spiderwebs?  Yeah, it's a silly song about a girl walking around in Spiderwebs...listen!  This approach to listening to mom's music with my kiddies works remarkably well.  And they actually love the new ND song and keep asking for it over and over.  Just when I thought I couldn't love those rascals anymore.... 

Anyway, it's been fun wearing lots of red lipstick with thick black eyeliner and singing in my best Gwen voice, but then I realized I had no one around to really revel in it with me.  Although I still keep in touch with most of my friends from those days, they all live far away.  My husband knows I really, really like ND but never knew me as the full-on Gwen-wannabe with pink streaked hair, a painted ND guitar (pictured above) and singing ND songs at local open mic nights.  And that's one thing that I really struggle with when moving around so friends just don't know your history.  People don't know the zany things you did in the name of a major rock band crush.  I mean I can tell you I like No Doubt, but unless you know my past, you don't really understand that when I say "I like No Doubt" what I mean is, I was completely obsessed and I've done some slightly funny to straight up weird things all for a little band from Orange County.  I thought I'd take the time to document some of these things on this here blog of mine.  Enjoy.        

1.  Halloween.  I was Gwen one year.  I'm sure you can tell I was trying to channel her Tragic Kingdom album cover with her ever famous Gwen wife beater, which I made with a sharpie.  I like to think my DIY skills have vastly improved over the years.  

2.  So probably my favorite ND video ever is New.  It's a great song, but what I really love, love, love is the crazy anime-inspired make up job Gwen is sporting.  One night I thought I'd try my hand at recreating this look.  I'm pretty sure I was by myself at like 1 in the morning.  That's not nerdy.  And let's just agree it was an epic fail.  

3.  Pink streaks.  Surely everyone remembers Gwen's pink phase.  Now just as much as Gwen likes being a blondie blonde, I like having dark hair.  There's no way I was going to ever dye it blonde.  And to be honest, I wasn't exactly trying to look like Gwen, but I just liked the over all look...I think it looked better in real life than it does in this picture, but it's entirely possible that it didn't.

4.  This isn't so crazy, but my bestie and I dressed up a la Gwen when going to a No Doubt concert.  I mean, I sorta missed the mark...but whatever.  Gwen cuts asymmetrical necklines in her tank tops right?  But the cool thing about this concert was that earlier that day, my friend's boss (who I had met like one time?) called to tell me he had backstage passes to ND that night.  I freaked out thinking this was some sort of invitation to come with him...but no.  He was just letting me know.  It turns out that his hometeaching companion (Mormon stuff) is the uncle of ND's drummer, Adrian.  So my friends boss said, I'll tell you what... I'll see what I can do.  He took my cell number and told me he'd call me later.  Well as we were leaving the concert my phone rings.  It's the boss!  I answer and he says, There's someone who wants to say hi to you!  I'm FREAKING OUT.  And I say, Hello?  And I hear a (manly) Hello back.  And then click...we get disconnected.  NO!!!!  The boss calls back a few minutes later...turns out I just said hello to Adrian.  But right then his phone cut out.  Which was a major bummer.  But to this day I like to brag about that time I got a phone call from the drummer of No Doubt.

5.  Probably the most embarrassing thing I've ever done was try to get on an MTV show where fans get to recreate the video's of their favorite bands.  You have to send in a video tape--which I did--explaining why you're the biggest fan, blah, blah.  I don't remember everything I did or said on that tape, but I do remember playing the guitar and singing a medley of ND songs and then a real ND song cut in from off camera, at which point I got up and started lip-synching and dancing.  If I ever ran for office, that resurfacing of that video would be my single biggest fear.  To this day I think only a handful of my closest friends ever saw it.  Well them and some producers at MTV.  I hope.

Anyone relate to this sort of fanaticism?  Perhaps you were the kid who dressed up in Shakespeare-type period clothing memorizing sonnets or you secretly hid your crazy comic book collection from new friends until the time was right?  I'd love to hear about it!     

I also just have to put this plug out there that I put on Facebook the other day... Is anyone in the San Antonio/Austin area interested in starting a No Doubt cover band?  Depending on the response, I'm either dead serious or totally joking.   


  1. You are so cool! Don't know if I told you this, but ever since I moved to citrus country I have been dying to do a Tragic Kingdom-esque photo sesh. Think about it. It makes so much sense. I was *this close* to doing it for Christmas cards last year. (So maybe look out for that next year.)

    1. Deb--that's awesome! You totally should. If for no other reason than to impress me.
      And I can't believe Jared's story about meeting them and telling Gwen "Hey, you're pretty good. You should keep it up." They owe their entire livelihood to Jared. Amazing.

  2. I remember Miggy, oh I remember very well. I especially remember your dress with Brooke for the concert. Good times. Don't forget about Dashboard. Another post...

    1. Oh Britty... so glad to have friends out there who remember this silliness well. And dashboard...don't even get me started...

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Aw Miggy, you're so adorable!! I bet we're about the same age (34?)... I remember when ND first became popular. Gwen was so different and such a breath of fresh air. I really admire the fact that she's still relevant 15+ years later and her style is timeless. And the fact that she's still with Gavin! I saw ND (sort of - missed all but the last few songs) open up for Bush in '96 which I believe is the tour in which they hooked up!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)

  4. Have you heard of Rockabye Baby? They do rock songs, lullaby style. I haven't actually heard their CD full of No Doubt songs, but I like some of the others that pop up on S's toddler pandora station.

  5. Girl, you could not be any cuter. I loved this post. I do really like No Doubt but my fanaticism centered around U2 back in the day... sigh. My parents sent me flowers on my sixteenth birthday to my High School "from Bono" to my mortification - yet secret admiration towards my parents for knowing I loved U2. Good times. :)

  6. You totally rocked the pink hair--it did look way better in real life. And you were decades ahead of the masses on that trend.

  7. hahahaha hehe, oh I love this. I never clicked on this post before. Now I get why you told me you had pink hair back in the day. There's still time Miggs, Gwyn is going to be on the voice this year, nothing would make a better story than a mother of three fulfilling her dream of becoming a rock star :)