Monday, July 30, 2012

A Tale of Two Kitties

We're not really cat people, but when two adorable kitties showed up on our doorstep the other day we knew right away they were our kitties to love and keep forever.  

As you can see, both kitties are equally beautiful....

But the bigger kitty makes us laugh with her silly kitty ways. 

 And the littlest kitty makes us smile as she eats a ring pop.

All by herself.

I heart kitties!  


  1. wow, Migs. I was not expecting the tears that started welling up in my eyes when I saw the picture of your little kitty holding that ring pop. she is must run in the family :)

  2. I'm dying that she's got black tights over her head and on her arms. I think these kitties have their mom's sense of humor and creativity written all over them. Did they happen to ring the doorbell at strangers' houses and just wander in when the door was opened?

  3. ADORABLE!! This instantly makes me want to dress my little girls up as kitties for the day. :) Meow!

    ..and Lamp with that ring pop....are you kidding me? You go, girl!

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Such cuties! I cannot get enough of Lamp and the ring pop! It makes me tear up (in a good way) every time. On a different note...has your oldest, PSP, seen the movie Dolphin Tale? My daughter who is almost 6 watched it and I immediately thought your family would enjoy it too.


  5. God Bless you all, they are both beautiful :)

  6. Love seeing Lamp's hand! Not sure if I hadn't noticed it before or if the hand is new, but it is amazing!

  7. So precious...both of them.