This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Pictures I Meant to Instagram

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pictures I Meant to Instagram

 Haven't seen this since 1986.  
Pretty sure it was illegal then too.  

Must get chocolate chips.  Success!  

Do myself!  Do myself!  She screamed as she charged toward the big spiral slide.   

Making her own mac 'n cheese.  FINALLY. 
Stop judging.  We gave her an oven mitt.  

Ipad + Big Sister = Best wait in the exam room ever.  


  1. I love IG - pictures can say so much. Your girls are such lovely, independent young ladies. Always enjoy pics of them.

  2. I want to follow you!!

  3. Actually in our state of Ohio it isn't illegal to ride in the back of a truck like that. It's one of the trick questions to get your drivers exam. Should be though.
    Love the last picture.

  4. I love love love that you let your kiddo make her own mac and cheese YAY YOU and PSP too :)

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    In Texas you can ride in the back of a truck if you are 18 or older (or 16-can't quite remember). If a family can prove that they have no other vehicle, they can have younger people ride in the back too. Craziness!


  6. The question is...was it legal of you to take the photo of them with your phone while you were driving?

    Love the photos. I gots ta get me one of them iphones just for instagram purposes.