Thursday, June 21, 2012

Netflix it: Being Elmo

If you're like me you might have seen pictures and previews for this movie Being Elmo and thought...that looks interesting.  And if you're like me, you put in on your maybe someday docket, and forgot about it.  Well if you're really like me, then you and your husband scanned through Netflix the other night, made some popcorn, drank some water and decided to watch this movie.  And then you liked it.

This documentary is about Kevin Clash, the man behind the voice of Elmo--which is intriguing all on it's own.  However, when you learn that Kevin dreamed of being a puppeteer from a very young age and put one foot in front of the other to make that dream happen...I think that's where this story goes from intriguing to fascinating.  Who dreams of being a puppeteer?  What I like about this movie is that it's not about putting Kevin on some pedestal or making him out to be the most amazing human being ever.  It's not a big, loud movie at all... it's a rather quiet and simple movie about a rather quiet and simple guy.  A guy who followed his dreams and worked hard to get there--oh and he had some kick butt parents that believed in him.  That helps.  It's an interesting journey to watch and I think there is something inherently magnificent about a man who's life work has culminated in creating a persona so widely and deeply treasured by very small children.  Additionally, he might be the best-yet-under-recognized actor I've ever seen.  

It's not going to change your life, but if you were ever on the fence about it, I think you should watch it.  It's a good movie and you heard it from me.


  1. I recently saw this film and loved it as well. I thought it was kind of amazing that he really dreamed of being a puppeteer since he was young. AND I kind of thought that he looked like a male model or movie star in his early days (heck, even still). Plus I was a huge sesame street fan as a kid so it was cool to see the behind the scenes. Plus, not only is he Elmo, but he was in Labyrinth.

  2. Zack had been trying to get me to watch this with him for the longest time. We finally watched a few weeks ago and we both loved it. I appreciate people living and practicing the things that they are passionate about. That is living! Such a good film...

  3. I saw it on Netflix a few weeks ago... LOVED it!

  4. Anonymous9:49 PM

    For some reason I cried my eyes out during this movie. Grew up with ss s. street so maybe that's why - great movie, if you value imagination watch it