This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Scuba

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I got scuba certified over a decade ago while living in Hawaii (another place I should write about sometime) but I haven't really been diving since then.  However, B and I decided that since we're going to be in the South Pacific this summer we should definitely take the opportunity to go scuba diving.  B got certified a couple months ago and I had my refresher course last night!  It's been a looong time since I've been scuba diving, but fortunately it was like riding a bike.  Sorta.  I noticed I wasn't quite as care-free as my 20 year old self (I have kids and a family!) but all in all I was pleased to see how easily I remembered and felt comfortable with it all again.  I plan on taking at least one more pool dive before  we leave.    

The picture above was taken in Rarotonga, which is where we're going!  Tell me you wouldn't pee your wetsuit if that was you.  I think I would LOVE to have an encounter like that, but would be nervous as all get out.  Any scuba divers out there?  Any favorite dive spots, encounters or otherwise great stories?   


  1. I swam with the dolphins out in the wild. They were not tame. Scared me a little. They would bump into a game.....and they are big. It was still fun.

  2. Debby--no way! That is super cool. But yeah I would be nervous too.

  3. My sister did that in Hawaii. They could hear the humpbacks singing to each other. She said it was one of the most amazing experiences of her life.
    Get. Excited.

  4. Linda P.4:33 PM

    Oh Miggy, ye of many talents, I am impressed! I would be a big fraidy cat about scuba diving. Despite numerous attempts at swimming lessons during my youth, I never became a very good swimmer, so I would definitely be PETRIFIED of diving into a huge body of water!

  5. Sooo glad you will dive there! We snorkeled with the humpbanks in Tonga! We didnt see any when diving, but you could hear them under the water and that deep call was enough to vibrate in your chest. Seriously one of the most amazing experiences of our lives!

    One word of caution, they were very "loose" with scuba rules. The dive shops we used had great equipment but took us way beyond the depth we were certified to, into caves we werent trained for,etc. If that freaks you out a bit, then just ask loads of questions before you book the dive. In the end, it was fine, but looking back now, not the safest thing I have done.

    Now, back to imagining yourself swimming with whales... :)