This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Exploring San Antonio: The River Walk

Monday, May 07, 2012

Exploring San Antonio: The River Walk

When you hear about San Antonio, you hear about the River Walk.  I've read that it's Texas' most popular attraction.  See it's a River, and you can walk along either side of it.  Thus, River Walk.  Until recently I thought the River Walk only encompassed this small, hustle-y bustle-y part of downtown that was flanked with restaurants and shops on either side, and tourist boats floating down the middle.  The only River Walk I was aware of looked like this:

It's a fun, festive place but not really my thing.  Also, I used to think it was a man made river, it's not.  My bad.  Anyway, it wasn't until very recently that I discovered the River Walk is actually several miles long, and only one little part of it is the down-town-touristy part.  A couple weeks ago I told you about the River Walk in the King William district neighborhood--probably my favorite part of San Antonio yet.  Well last week I discovered another part of the River Walk called the Musuem Reach.  In their own words:

The Museum Reach – Urban Segment, from Lexington Avenue to Josephine Street, includes a lock and dam near Brooklyn Avenue, overlooks, boat landings, walkways, stairs, accessible ramps, lighting, signage, overlooks, water features, benches, trash cans and pocket parks. The 1.3 mile stretch of new walkways, landscaping, parks and public art along the meandering San Antonio River links several downtown historic, commercial and cultural institutions, including the San Antonio Museum of Art, The Pearl (a restored former brewery and stables) and the oldest VFW post in Texas.

Read more about the River Improvements projects here.  I took the girlies for a little walk/picnic last week and it was really beautiful and well done.  Here are some  pictures of our outing.

Well played San Antonio.  Well played.

Things to note:
*While it's not super busy, we saw plenty of people all along the way--even a police boat that patrols up and down the river.  We saw him twice.  There were however places where we were a little isolated--I never felt nervous or anything, but just know it can be a little remote.  I like knowing little safety tips like that.
*You can take a water taxi up and down the river--it will even take you to the downtown river walk.  A day pass is $15.  I think this would be a great way to see different parts of the city and incorporate the River Walk too.


  1. I love this! I grew up going to Laredo every summer (where my mom grew up) and we would fly into San Antonio from Boston and usually spend time there exploring. Later, I went to college there (UTHSC). I never knew this part of the river and I look forward to exploring it on our next visit. What's funny is you mention The Pearl. I still have a (very old) beach towel with a Pearl beer can on it. It's has to be at least 35 years old! Thanks for doing all the hard work! I will definitely benefit from it! ;-)

  2. I came across your blog on Kelle's Enjoying the Small Things. Just wanted to tell you how beautiful your girls are. I was VERY impressed with the video of your little one stacking those blocks with her toes!!! She is amazing! :)

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