Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Photos

Remember how I've been wanting some updated family photos?  Well we're going to be in California this summer near the homebase of photographer Rachel Thurston.  I've been aware of her work ever since she photographed a friends wedding and she's an amazing photographer.  And while I don't know her personally (yet), she happens to be friends with quite a few of my friends.  Bonus!  With all our travel plans this summer I figured a family photo shoot was out of the budget, but the husband surprised me with this gift for Mother's Day!  Hip Hip Hooray!  (Or Hip Hop Hooray... I can't decide.)  

The above pics were the last professional photos's we had taken by another amazing photographer and friend Seth Smoot.  Seth is legit.  2 legit 2 quit in fact (someone stop me).  I love these pictures as they were taken right before we left NYC, around our 'hood.  They really capture the spirit of our lil' family.  And my hair... I'm gonna say it, my hair looks really good here.  (However, I wish I had been a little more detail oriented when it came to my dress--I should have belted that thing because that sash is doing me no favors.)  I treasure these pictures.        

I'm really excited for some updated, professional family photos--hello? Lamp anyone?  But I get nervous when thinking about casual vs. formal, what style we're going for, coordinating but not matchy-matchy outfits, not to mention my hair and make up.  I mean I want to look like myself, but just a tan, long-eyelashed, pouty-lipped yet natural version of myself.  Let's be honest, my husband always looks amazing and the girls just need to be in a cheerful, cooperative mood.  Either way I'm excited.  

What is your take when it comes to family photos?  Do you like to look natural and sort of every-day-ish or do you go all out with new clothes, more than average make-up and super styled?  
Any secrets/tips?      


  1. I've been planning the professional pictures I want to get taken for the last, oh.... five years. I didn't have any money for forever, at least not enough to spring for pricey pictures PARTICULARLY if not everyone that will be born into the family is already here. But.. I'm thinking next summer when we all come back to the States to finally visit our families will be the time. My fingers are crossed!
    And, pretty much I want them to be just as you described- looking like ourselves, only our "better" selves. :)

  2. p.s. I LOVE those pictures of your fam-- particularly love your husband's hat and untucked shirt with tie, and psp's piggy-tails and your yellow/blue ensemble. VERY nice.

  3. Your family is already naturally beautiful. Pick the right setting and the pictures will be perfect. The last pro pics we had done (1&1/2 yrs ago) were for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. All 18 of us wore black tops and blue jeans and whatever shoes we wanted. We all had very different styles on and the pics were taken in my brother's lush back yard. We all were SO pleased with the results. Everyone looked like individuals b/c the styles were so personal.
    BTW, when Lamp asks why she isn't in that last family pic, tell her she was....she's the sparkle in your eye! We told our younger son this and one time when he was talking about the family pic, he referred to himself as "the poke in your eye". Hehe.

  4. I remember seeing these photos! So cute. And I think you hit the nail on the head with these - casual, but you (with a few fun pops of color, of course), & I think that's most important with family photos. Maybe a teensy bit dressed up, but still YOU. I really just have a hard time with over-styled photos & think that ones that capture your family as you naturally are (naturally stylish & beautiful people - no fair!) are the very, very best.

  5. My Clementine is almost one and I had nothing professional of us as a family. Nothing professional since our wedding day. So last week we had a photographer come to our house and take photos. We didn't dress up or do anything unusual. I really wanted the photos to be just us...everyday us. I didn't want Clementine in some elaborate outfit and I just don't think that suits us anyway.
    I love how the pictures turned out. They feel like you just stopped by our house to chat and we welcomed you in and made you a part of our activities.
    Whatever you decide, they will be perfect and special.