This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Exploring San Antonio: King William District

Monday, April 23, 2012

Exploring San Antonio: King William District

Once again friends, it's working!  The more we explore the more I'm liking San Antonio!  So thanks again for your recommendations a while back...they've been a great resource.  I'm going to work my way down the list of suggestions and the resource I've been primarily using so far has been the Design Sponge link to San Antonio sent from an anonymous reader.  Design sponge has similar lists for cities across the country, yea, even across the world.  So if you're looking to uncover some hidden gems in your city, check it out!  

It started with a trip to the classic and charming Kiddie Park, followed by a trip to the crazy-fun shop Fiesta on Main (with a key-ute video of Lamp going down some steps!).  Our most recent weekend explorations led us to quite possibly one of my favorite parts of town yet, the King William district.  At first we went to just have breakfast at the beautiful and historic Guenther house, which wasn't that great (Maybe lunch is better?), but the grounds were beautiful!  And as soon as we drove up I knew I was going to want to walk around and explore this beautiful neighborhood filled with amazing, historic homes.  Some homes have actually been turned into museums and we had a hard time telling which homes were museums and which homes were still residential.  Additionally this neighborhood runs along the famed River Walk.  See, the only River Walk I was familiar with before was the one in downtown with all the shops and restaurants flanking both sides and tour boats going up and down the river.  I actually had no idea that the River walk went on for miles in very quiet, quaint parts of town.  So after breakfast we walked through the King William neighborhood and then found ourselves on the beautiful River Walk.  We had so much fun Saturday morning, we found ourselves back there for a family walk Sunday Afternoon!  Here are some of the few shots I got.    

The houses were all decorated for Fiesta--an 11 day celebration unique to San Antonio. 

A water snake, lizard and ducklings all seen along the riverwalk.  

Additionally in King William we saw quite a few other places on the Design Sponge list and public bike rentals.  I'm super excited to have a day-date with the Mr. and bike around the area.    


Also, last week we also did a little exploring in The Pearl--a newer hotspot that's starting to fill with businesses, shops, eateries and even living space. 

Twig Bookstore 

Now if people come to visit us I feel like I'm starting to have some cool places to take them!  So what I'm saying, is come and visit us in San Antonio--just not in July.  

Let's hear it for San Antonio!


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    The Botanical Gardens are great too! And, they have a wonderful cafe!!

    If you are in for a roadtrip, check out Camp Verde. It was the site of the famed "camel experiment" in the 1850 when they were training camels for supply carriers for the army. We went this weekend. They have a beautiful general store and a cafe (only open for lunch, with unbelievable huge sandwiches). My parents, my daughter and I ate there and it was less than 20 bucks. Beautiful scenery, especially if you take the back roads.


  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    The Twigg bookstore and the Magnolia Pancake Haus are a MUST....a MUST!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    This is a great little show from PBS that has great ideas for day trips from San Antonio:

  4. Lunch isn't much better. The farmer's market Saturday mornings at the Pearl Brewery is pretty fantastic. That Design Sponge list is awesome. So many good spots on there. The McNay, Monte Vista, The Missions. That's a great list to go by.

  5. Laura,

    Thanks for more recommendations. The botanical gardens are on my list!

    Anon #1--Man I thought it was Twig with 1 g! But yes, that's where we went AND we LOVE Magnolia Pancake Haus. My husband wanted to go there for breakfast but I talked him into trying something new....that place is great!

    Anon #2--Thanks, can't wait to watch!

    Bailey--OK, good to know on the lunch thing. I've heard of the Pearl farmers market...we're definitely going to have to give it a go....and that list is great right? Let's plan something with the kiddos soon.

  6. I'm loving all these previews!

  7. I didn't know the River Walk was extended either. I lived in Texas for many years, but never got beyond the most tourist-y parts of San Antonio, I guess!

  8. Linda P.10:35 PM

    So glad you are discovering so many great things in San Antonio! We may just turn you into a Texan yet. ; )

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