This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Some Favorite Weekend Pictures

Monday, April 02, 2012

Some Favorite Weekend Pictures

It was Conference weekend for us.  General Conference is where millions of Mormons world wide listen to talks given by Prophets, Apostles and other church leaders.  In the olden' days we had to actually go to our local church and watch from a TV, the church buildings were the only place where you could watch conference.  In this day and age GC can be watched from the comfort of our home via internet or cable.  So this means cinnamon rolls and family togetherness as we listen, spend time together, work a little, bake and eat.  If I could recommend any talks that would be good for anyone (Mormon or not) to listen to I'd recommend this one and this one.  Just trust me and take a listen.   


  1. We do cinnamon rolls every conference! How fun to see these cute weekend pics! Our funny conference story was it was about time for the prayer and so I was preparing Presley for it and told her to fold her arms, close her eyes....but it was silent...I look up and Mike is Fast Forwarding the prayer......I was like, oh geez, DVR'ing conference may not allow us to feel the spirit as much. He was like, "What? They are like 4 minutes long...." Then they start talking about the auditing thing and he would not fast forward through that! He was interested in all that! Ha! Anyways, so grateful we can get it in our homes! They were incredible talks! And you are right, LDS or not, they are Incredibly useful and inspiring!!! Definitely a feel-good experience!

  2. Thanks, Miggy, for spreading the love. Those were definitely two of my favorite talks as well. I hope we can share this hope and comfort with oh so many who could use it. Thanks again,
    Paxton's mom

  3. i TOTALLY thought of you the whole time elder rasband was talking. loved it.
    your girls are such beauties!

  4. Haha, I love the GC mess shot-- our house was a complete *disaster* after the two Sunday sessions. I should have taken a picture too. (And then, of course, someone had to show up at our door. Come on!)

    But the real thing I wanted to say was that I think you are so cool for spreading the word. And for other reasons.