This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Professional Photographer Needed

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Professional Photographer Needed

After church on Easter Sunday I thought, 
Hey! Let's take some family pictures!  
I was quickly reminded why we really need to hire a professional photographer...

Awww, but look at these two...still not my favorite picture but how can you not love the cuteness practically dripping off the screen?  

 Can you believe those are their Easter dresses from last year?  Not super surprising that PSP still fits in hers, but Lamp's dress is a size 0-3 month.  Fo' real.  It was definitely her last wear though.    

OK maybe they're not that bad...but they're just not that good either.  There's just a big difference when you've got a pro behind the wheel.  Any takers?  
(can we pay you in cuteness and/or pie?)

ps.  I'm loving this online photo editing site PicMonkey.  Totally free and no signing up/logging in...
I wonder how long that will last.  


  1. I live in Alaska so I cannot come and take your pictures (such a bummer because I totally work for pie). I can offer to edit the ones you took though. Taking out a few pesky power lines is no big deal! If that sounds at all enticing, email me at meggan (dot) hayes (at) gmail (dot) com. I promise I'm not a crazy person, you can check out my family at daysatthehayes (dot) blogspot (dot) com if you want to make sure you aren't emailing photos of your darlings to a creeper. :)

  2. I'm in SA often doing pics of the most lovely children in the world. Yours will certainly fit the criteria. Take a look at my blog or my website,, and shoot me an email. I'd love a chance to pay it forward with your family.

  3. umm, forgot the blog site.

  4. You make me the, "Pensive Gangsta" and the, "You lookin' Good".

  5. Oh, I meant, "FINE"...

  6. Your comments are hilarious in those pictures and I LOVE your shirt. I think the pics are GRAND.

  7. Linda P.8:55 PM

    This is sooo funny, Miggy! I love it!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, your commentary on each photo made me laugh out loud.

    For the record, I love these!

  9. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Your family is adorable, and those girls look JUST like their daddy!!

    And I love your blouse. ;)