This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Outings, Easter and Loss

Monday, April 09, 2012

Outings, Easter and Loss

Armed with reader suggestions I jumped into San Antonio explorations with both feet.  Thursday found us at the charmingly old school Kiddie Park, established in 1925 still with all the original rides!  This was a perfect little place where the toddler and big girl could enjoy rides together.  Filled to the brim with charm, we'll definitely be hitting it up again.  Maybe next time we'll dress in full flapper regalia to capture that old time-y feel.


I love watching these two just be sisters.  Heart melting + heart warming.  PSP is ever the protective big sister, while Lamp is the adoring little sis to a tee.  This weekend I caught some video of them playing in the spinning office chair... spinning round and round, doing their cutest little girly laughs.  Heaven.   

 Friday morning found us in therapy.  When I went back to check on her her therapist showed me this picture.  Apparently homegirl wanted to sit in the bowl of eggs.  

We also had an Easter party for PSP's preschool.  She's actually standing next to the boy she claims she's gonna marry.  Tinted glasses aside, he's a very cute boy.  (Sorry if that was rude, I just have a thing about tinted glasses.)  And he's nice.  But more than anything I just like that she talks to me about the boy she likes at school.  I hope that's always the case.    

 Lamp and her friend coloring at the Easter Party.  She colors.  I'll show you how sometime...

Freaky Easter Bunny right?  He's up there with scary clowns I say.  
In person he was fine, but the picture looks downright menacing.  

Easter morning.  

The loot.  

Falling asleep while reading.  With a book.  On her face.
I love catching little moments like this.  

We received word of an accident last Thursday involving the 12 year old daughter of some family friends in Cincinnati.  Our hearts were full as we prayed for and thought about our friends and their daughter in the NICU.  It can all change in the blink of an eye, we were reminded.  It was no coincidence that we seemed to slow down a bit this weekend, hug our girls a little more and worry a little less over the things-that-used-to-seem-important-but-really-aren't like prompt bedtimes and extra chocolate.  I hate that it takes these things to put life in perspective, but at the same time... sometimes you need a dose of perspective.

A few years ago our lives felt perfect.  Then suddenly our perfect world came crashing down by the news of our second baby's unsure future.  Well it feels pretty perfect again.  (Crap.  I just jinxed it).  In the little bubble of our home I often think we could go on like this forever.  Easy going days mixed in with pre-school fun, therapy appointments, grocery shopping, family dinners, playing outside, and sisters laughing in the spinny office chair.  I want to freeze time and capture every perfect moment to remember forever with perfect clarity.  I know perfect won't last forever, but it's nice to know we found it again...if even for a moment.  

Our friends lost their dear daughter early Saturday morning.  While they didn't get the miracle they hoped for, they have faithfully proclaimed to be the fortunate recipients of 4 other miracles.  Because of their daughter 2 people will receive sight, 1 person will walk again and a baby will receive a new heart valve needed to survive.  Blessings in abundance for sure.  But a heartbreaking loss nonetheless.  I know it might be a long time, but I hope they too will find their way to a new perfect.



  1. HeidiAnn10:44 AM

    I was expecting a little weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth because of the bunny, but I didn't really notice any, and I was surprised. So sorry about your friends' daughter. Praying the Lord blesses them with comfort and peace. Saw this post today and thought you might like to read it

  2. So sorry about the little girl. Oh that has to be so hard.
    Love your pictures.

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Oh man, I cannot stop laughing about that Easter Bunny. Love those cute little girly mugs!

    Aunt Jill

  4. Linda P.4:06 PM

    Could those tinted glasses just be the "photo gray" kind that are clear but change when he goes outside? My son has that kind.

    Oh boy, that Easter bunny IS a leetle scary.

    Oh, I am so terribly sorry for your friends' loss of their daughter. That makes me so sad. How great that they donated her organs. I pray that this act of unselfishness will give them some peace.

  5. Yes, creepy looking Easter Bunny.

    May your friends experience God's peace and comfort during their time of grief.

  6. So glad to see that the Kiddie Park is still up and running. I have many a picture of my siblings and me riding the boats and air planes. Do they still have the mini school bus? Loved that place.