This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Embracing Texas

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Embracing Texas

picnicking in the blue bonnets

It's been in the 80's for the past 2 weeks.  

So this is spring, Texas?  This is how it's gonna be?  
OK.  Well I'm gonna work with it.  
Texas, I am determined to be friends with you.  
At the very least cordial acquaintances.  

Knowing that this is the time for us to be out and enjoying the weather we've done a lot to get our yard into shape.  It's nice to see some actual green grass.  Last year it was dry, brown and yellow everywhere.  My girlies love being outside and I rediscovered my love of weeding.  Win, win.  I just wish I knew of some good destination spots to hit up....the zoo?  parks?  I just don't feel like I know a lot of people who head out to these things.  If anyone has any great SA outing recommendations I'm all ears.  The clock is ticking people!  Hellacious temperatures will be upon us soon.  

On a similar note, I was watching Ellen a couple weeks ago (I usually don't get to, time + kids = no mom TV) but I turned it on needing a late afternoon pick-me-up.  And serendipitously found out that Armie Hammer, the actor in Mirror, Mirror and The Social Network, and his wife were opening up a new bakery in San Antonio called Bird Bakery (they should really get a website).  That was a nice little dose of excitement!  The grand opening was on Saturday, so I decided to go check 'em out today.  There are 2 things you must know.  1) We lived in Manhattan, the birthplace of Magnolia bakery aka the-place-where-cupcakes-became-cool, and 2) even at Magnolia's I usually thought... eh, It's just a cupcake.  But I have to say, these were good.  I'd even say really good.  I think our fav was the Elvis (peanut butter, chocolate, banana).  Admittedly it's a little pricy, but on par with your average boutique bakery.  The place itself is really cute, still coming together, but charming.  I love the giant farmhouse style table in the middle and if I hadn't been in a rush I would have sat there with Lamp and enjoyed our baked goods on site.  I didn't think to take a picture, but for any fellow San Antonians out there, it's worth a stop.  Bird Bakery.  Check it out.  

Lastly, the husband and I finally committed.  We started Friday Night Lights on Netflix last week.  I and Texas.  Who am I?  Seven seasons is a long commitment, but I think we made the right choice.  

I am bending over backwards, raising the white flag and jumping through hoops...Texas if we're not friends after all this, you can't say I didn't try.  


  1. Anonymous1:57 AM

  2. I know this isn't "outside," but when we've visited San Antonio (we're from Houston) we've taken our kids to the Magik Theater. It's walking distance from the Alamo, and the kids loved it. Also, you have lots of missions near you that are super cool. The SA zoo is great.

  3. my heart skipped a beat at "friday night lights"! my husband and i watched this on netflix and we loved almost every minute. we both were crying(my husband was nearly weeping) during the finale. love that show. we are still on the search for something to even compare it to.

  4. We started FNL this week and love it! For reals that's how big Texas football is. Though I can't say I can vouch for the truthfulness of the rest (15 year olds drinking in a small town and never getting caught etc) but then again my friends didn't do that, at least not with me around. Anyway I wish it were still airing! Hope you guys love it too.

  5. The zoo! My daughter has a zoo membership and takes her little ones (age 2 and 4 mos.) often. Even last summer when the temps were AWFUL and she was pregnant, early mornings there were doable. In the sping, it's wonderful.

    Texas wants to be your friend, too. It's just hard to get past its over the top summers. Its peace offering is the spring and beautiful wildflowers.

    I'll be heading to that bakery asap! Thanks for the tip.

  6. Anonymous10:31 AM

    The best time of the year in San Antonio is right now. Some things we love to do: eat! Favorite places with outdoor dining include La Hacienda de los Barrios. It's way out on 1604 and Redland, but their patio is incredible. It's wonderful to sit under the oaks. The Cove downtown has very good and trendy food and it's a really cool Austin-type of place. If you haven't been to La Fogata-it's wonderful too. For days before it gets hot, it's really fun to go to the San Antonio Missions National Park. It's a great place to see missions (more impressive than the Alamo really-esp. Mission San Jose), and it's free and great parking. They have a wonderful visitor center. It would work well for a stroller too. We've taken the kids there a lot. If you are in the mood for a road trip, head to Greune (pronounced Green here, even though it shouldn't be).The Gristmill is a wonderful place to eat and watch the river. Government Canyon has a lot of nice walking trails, and I'm sure that at least some are stroller friendly as we used to go there when my daughter was little. The botanical garden is nice too! Have you ridden the train at the zoo?

    In the summer it gets so stinking hot that we stay in a lot, I admit. But, this is the time to be outdoors! Some of the Fiesta stuff may be fun. We're going to try to go to the parade in the King William district this year. I've heard it's kid friendly.

    BTW, I can't help wondering if you go to the same church that one of my best friends does. What part of town are you in (you can be really general-I'm not trying to stalk you:)

    Laura (from Costco)

  7. a few months back on the daily show, jon stewart was talking about rick perry and said we were hoping for a texan more like coach taylor. love friday night lights.

  8. Maybe I've told you before, but I grew up in San Antonio. I loved all the wild flowers, especially the blue bonnets. Love that place. I remember going to the starving artist fairs by the River Walk in the spring and summer. Ahhh. So many great memories of that place.

  9. I need to have the same attitude to NJ as you have to's hard though! However, I'm not about to start watching seasons of the Jersey Shore ;)

  10. You have a good attitude... I am going through the same love/hate-ness with Arizona right now. We moved here about six months ago -- just in time for the hottest August on record. Winter was great. We need to live it up now, though, as temperatures have already reached 90! Here we go.

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  12. Have you been to Morgan's Wonderland yet? Heard about it, from our therapists, sounds like a fun accessible park.

  13. Anon with the Design Sponge link--thank you! Why didn't I think of that?

    Sarah--Uh, that's perfect. I'll save the inside activities for those hellacious temps I mentioned earlier.

    Heidi--I know, we've heard a lot of good things and since we're here it was time. Might I suggest Gilmore Girls as a new prospect? It's not on Netflix though, and I know many a guy who likes that show as well...your husband might need to give it a few episodes though.

    Laura and Arlene--Thanks! I'll check 'em out. And Laura....what's your friends name?

    Heather--ha! That's awesome. He's a good guy that coach.

    Rian--Yes I do remember...and the wildflowers are nice. Any more recommendations feel free to send them our way.

    Jazzy and Sarah--I challenge you to love where you live. Not always easy...Jazzy, def. steer clear of Jersy Shore, but I LOVE NJ. You've got some great stuff there. Sarah--AZ frightens me. But a lot of good people are there, so it must be good right?

    Alisia--You have not been yet but plan on it soon. I'll do a full report when we go...definitely some bonus points for SA.

    Thanks everyone!

  14. I've been thinking I don't get out nearly enough now that I'm back at work. This past Saturday we took a drive to see wildflowers and I remembered how much I love the Guadalupe River State Park. It's perfect for the littles! Maybe we should plan a play date to go out there next week?

  15. Have you been to Kiddie Park? It is off of Hildebrand, near the zoo. The zoo is also very nice. You should also
    try some Fiesta events like King William Fair or NIOSA (try NIOSA on a weeknight but don't go Thursday night. That is college night and it is insane!).

  16. Super lame name-dropping comment: I was totally in acting class with armie hammer for a year (5+ years ago). He booked his first big indie film when we were in class together and then I'm sitting in a movie theater 5 years later watching him be a Winklevoss, and now you are eating at his bakery. Who needs Kevin Bacon, right?

  17. after FNL, you will be bff's with Texas. I can't wait for you.

  18. i've only been to san antonio once, but i loved it! even sea world wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. i recommend the zoo, actually. it was really beautiful.

  19. Where did you take the picnic picture? I want to do some Easter pictures with the kids while I'm down.