This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Weekend Recap

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend, although most of it was cold and wet.

Saturday was date night and we finally saw The Artist.  I loved it!  So glad to see such a great film receive all the accolades it deserves, especially best picture.  Really, this movie is pure gold.  And not to sound like a straight laced prude, but I really appreciate the fact that such a quality film is also a film I could watch with my grandmother and not squirm in my seat over any bawdry content.  It's refreshing.  

Sunday we saw the return of warmth and sunshine and we had some friends over for dinner.
All around good times.

Speaking of weekends, I never mentioned our little day trip up to Austin a few weeks back.  In short, it was awesome.  The picture above is from a gem of a place called Uncommon Objects.  An amazing and well known second hand shop filled to the brim with charming, priceless (and pricey) finds.  We splurged on the vintage Le Creuset dutch oven below.  Vintage and in my color?  I didn't stand a chance... it practically bought itself.

Besides, the husband is a pro at no kneed bread and we've been keeping our eyes out for a dutch oven for quite some time.  With the help this new kitchen beauty he's been churning out some of the finest loaves of his career.  Wise investment, I say.

Oh and for all your Shake Shack loving New Yorkers... I'm gonna have to say Hopdoddy's is even better.  Maybe not for shakes, but definitely for burgers.  I know them is fightin' words, but seriously... this place is legit.  2 legit 2 quit.

All in all Austin gets a giant thumbs up from me.

How was your weekend (or recently past weekends?)  And any other Austin recommendations besides South Congress?  Anyone here for or attending anything at SXSW?   


  1. Austin is on our radar... I'm making note of the awesome places you mentioned. I'm also dying to see The Artist- this motivated me to make it a date night in the theater rather than wait for Netflix. What a fun weekend!

  2. Linda P.5:59 PM

    So glad you enjoyed Austin! I haven't been in quite some time. And congrats on that really pretty Dutch oven!

    Well, a few posts back I mentioned that when I saw The Artist, Peppy Miller made me think of you! You didn't say anything, so now that you have seen the movie, I hope you don't mind if I mention this again. : ) Never having seen you in person, only thru pics, I was just wondering if you thought the resemblance I saw made some sense or if you really don't see it. I think Peppy is sooo pretty, by the way, and had such a good heart in that movie. : )

  3. what a great find! i have a little collection of vintage cast iron enamel, mostly Descoware. and i make no knead bread in my dutch oven, too!

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Eastside Cafe in Austin is wonderful!!! They grow their own herbs and veggies. I've had many spectacular meals there. Kerbey Lane is also very good.

    San Antonio has some good Austin-feeling areas too. The Pearl Brewery area is great and there's a lot of really cool places in Southtown.

    Also, I've been wondering. Did you journal first, and then turn it into a blog? I haven't ever really tried to journal, but I think I may start.


  5. Erin--pa-lezee come to Austin. It would be fun to have a good ol fashioned girls getaway there.

    Linda--you are very sweet. I think Peppy Miller is adorable. I would kill for her smile...but alas, I don't think we look too much alike. Maybe the big eyes....

    April--I think we're long lost twins separated at birth.

    Laura--thanks for the recommendations!

    And the started long ago (by my husband actually....he's always telling me that it's his blog) was started as a way to keep family and friends informed of our goings on since we moved far away. It's evolved over the years. Good luck!

  6. I love Uncommon Objects, too! Too bad I couldn't fit anything I wanted to buy into my carry-on bag! I also loved St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop...they had the best-fitting jeans, great brands, for $11 dollars. I would fly back to Austin just to buy more jeans. Seriously.

    I also thought the creme brulee at Mansion at Judge's Hill was in the top five I've ever had. And I'm pretty particular when it comes to the creme brulee. And I've eaten quite a few over the years....more than my share.

    Just found your blog through Davy's mom. Thanks for your spotlight on special warms this mama's heart and echoes many of my own thoughts!

  7. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Now that you're in San Antonio, you must visit Gruene! It would be a great little getaway for you and your husband. Stay at the Gruene Mansion Inn in a river view room and make sure to eat at the Gristmill!