This Little Miggy Stayed Home: My Messed Up Meteorological Clock

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

My Messed Up Meteorological Clock

I'm not complaining.  Let's just be clear about that.

But the weather here is crazy.  Maybe even KraZeE.

58 degrees one day, low 80's the next.  I've never been in such polarizing weather.
Jackets, coats and boots one day.  Skirts, T's and sandals the next.

Saturday we did sprinklers!

And if that's not enough, all the Fall leaves we missed in October finally made their appearance.
In March.

This was yesterday.

But remember...I'm not complaining.


  1. Linda P.7:33 AM

    It looks like those may well be live oak leaves. We have a live oak in our backyard, and interestingly enough, they drop their leaves in the spring! Wow, that is some pile you have there. The expression on Lamp's face is priceless as she is covered in that sea of leaves. It was soooo windy here in North Texas yesterday. I hope the gales missed you!

  2. I cant get over Lamps expression in the leaf pile! :) She is so cute.

    Her sissy is adorable as well! :)

  3. I laughed out loud at Lamp's face in the leaves! HA! I know what you mean... it's crazy out here too. We were at the playground in January and there were kids running around in tee-shirts and bare feet!!!

    That is so crazy about the Fall leaves in March especially!

  4. Those are the cutest pictures ever!!

  5. Sounds like the weather in Texas is very similar to Arizona. Yesterday, we had mid 80's and today it's overcast, windy and in the 60's!

    Love the Lamp-in-the-leaves pic. :)

  6. Lamps leaves pictures? Priceless. Frame!

  7. Well surely you've heard this saying about Texas weather by now... "If you don't like the weather in Texas, just stick around for a few minutes, it'll change"!

    ...until July that is... then it'll stay hot :-)

  8. Such darling darlings you have! I love those pictures. And that weather is crazy! Utah is doing the same, we had a crazy snow storm on friday, then monday it was 63 degrees and we went to the park!

  9. haha, I love the ones of just little Lampy in the leaves!

  10. Linda--Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know that. Spring leaves...interesting.

    Everyone else...I know! That same photo cracks me up too!

  11. Lamp in the pile of leaves... cracks me up! I came back a second time just to look at that cute face again!

  12. Anonymous6:15 PM

    That little face in all those leaves. It is just the cutest thing. I bet that photo would win awards.

    Laura (from Scottsbluff and Costco!)

  13. We're leaving for Austin tomorrow morning and I am packed for varying degrees of weather--all according to We go every year for SXSW and my sons band has been invited to play for the 3rd year now (he's a film editor in NYC). Here in Seattle, today, it's bright and sunny and warmer than it gets on a summer day.


    This is a blog I have followed since Moriah was born. They are a pretty awesome family that you might like to interview someday.


  15. A.B. told me your blog address :) These warm days are a Utahan's dream come true. Every March in Utah spring fever sets in but is not satisfied until May.

  16. Lamp's pictures are awesome! And we've had hot then cold weather in Vegas too. But uh, remember the weather swings in CO? However CO is good at the 4 seasons at the right time of year!!

  17. I'm in Kansas, and on Wednesday it was 70 (gorgeous)... Thursday morning I woke up to the sight of snow on my neighbors' rooftops. Snow! After a beautiful 70 degree day!

  18. Anonymous8:41 PM

    The pictures of the girls in the leaves are priceless!